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Our new Helpline & WhatsApp number  0782 783 691


You need breakdown assistance and/or an accessible 24 recovery service and helpline.

If you are a member of AAZ then safe, friendly and competent help is immediately at hand in the form of its road assistance. The staff are trained to restart vehicles but in the event that they cannot be moved, there is a free towing service for members (while non-members pay a fee) to get your vehicle to a safe place such as your home or nearby garage. This service is country-wide and offers peace of mind no matter where you are travelling, particularly if you are on your own and do not have anyone readily available to assist when problems arise. JOIN THE AAZ FOR ONLY $50 PER ANNUM




By enrolling a new member of the Association who pays a full Entrance Fee and Annual Subscription you can claim a Fuel Coupon Gift Voucher worth 10 litres for an AA Plus Member and 5 litres for an Ordinary Member. Gift Voucher Scheme Membership forms may be obtained on request from Branch offices of the Association.


Get the roadside reassurance you need. We get more people back on the road than anyone else. Contact our membership department for information on 04 788173—-6