And in other news… 28/02/2017

Editor’s note

I have found many times in society that we are forced into being a person that we are not. Why do this? If we are all the same, imagine how boring life becomes. I am sure that it stems from school days, where if you do not conform to a certain way then bullying is ensued. This most definitely does not stop when you finish school. Talking behind someone’s back or giving a “positive criticism” can make a person feel oppressed.

If you have children, encourage them to be one of a kind and not let “bullies” get them down. If you don’t have children, then encourage yourself. No one deserves to feel inadequate. – Sarah


NIAA Vocal and Instrumental Eisteddfod (27th of February to 24th of March)

It’s that time again! Time to immerse ourselves in beautiful music and see what amazing talent we have in this country, coming up through the ranks from the tender age of five and upwards! The Annual music Eisteddfod – Western and African music:  vocal/instrumental/ solo/groups/choirs. Click here to read more…

An Evening with C.S Lewis (1st of March)

The Repertory Players presents their 746th production! An evening with C.S Lewis Staring Mike Southall, Directed by Graham Crutchley. Click here to read more…

39 Steps (2nd of March)

A fast paced, farcical production based on Alfred Hitchcock’s The 39 Steps. Directed by Fiona Garrity & Sue Bolt. Click here to read more…


Anti-Hijack Update for February 2017

The foremost flash in all our minds is the total disrepair to most roads throughout Zimbabwe with potholes so large that extensive damage may be caused to motor vehicles if unfortunate enough to go down through them which are at times filled with water due to the extensive rainfall making detection almost impossible. Click here to read more…


Test of the Best results

The results from Test of the Best have been released! Click here to view them…


Shun plastics say Environmental Groups

Harare streets are littered with plastic — a problem that worsens near points such as bus termini — where people congregate. The culture of waste separation and proper disposal has not been adopted in Harare at all. Click here to read the full story…


Are viruses alive?

Living beings, such as plants and animals, contain cellular machinery that allows them to self-replicate. In contrast, viruses are free forms of DNA or RNA that can’t replicate on their own. Click here to read more…

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