Anti Hijack Update for February 2017

The foremost flash in all our minds is the total disrepair to most roads throughout Zimbabwe with potholes so large that extensive damage may be caused to motor vehicles if unfortunate enough to go down through them which are at times filled with water due to the extensive rainfall making detection almost impossible …. This makes for very stressful driving!  This is combined with the numerous amount of road blocks encountered in one trip whatever the duration time may be.  Road rage is at a high !

A warning to all motorists when driving along roads that have a crop of maize growing close to the road. An incident has been reported by Bishop Gaul Road at the “Y” intersection of being robbed by thieves as you slow down at the GIVE WAY  the window is smashed and they grab whatever is available ….. which in hindsight, it is best to leave nothing in view or on the seat … have it all it out of sight and preferably in the boot of the vehicle.  It’s a frightening experience to all concerned.  The crops are now at a height that detection of persons is almost impossible so be VIGILANT and AWARE at all times.

There seems to be cruising in various areas unmarked vehicle which pull you over and people in ‘Police uniform’ get out and try and fine exorbitant fines and are very aggressive flashing cards which seem to be bogus. This seems to be a criminal element posing as ‘Police’ which has been documented on Dear ZRP  and various other groups in the media.  Motorists should appreciate that the method being used, and the amount of money being extorted, is outside of ZRPs mandate. You should treat this behaviour as an attempted hi-hacking and follow the same method to evade. Lock all doors, close windows and attempt to get to the nearest place of safety, such as a police station, hospital trauma section, etc. Blow your hooter continuously and keep your hazards on, to attract as much attention as possible. Prepare by having important numbers in your mobile (relatives, etc.), usually preceded by ICE for In Case of Emergency. Keep moving until safe and invariably the perpetrators will give up and move away …

In the meantime, know your rights and carry the BIG SKY cubbyhole notes in your vehicle at all times so that you have some idea or can refer to them and stand your ground.  These notes are updated when need be so keep your notes updated

Let’s ALL fight this crime together  – stay ALERT and SAFE !