Bhejane Trust January 2017

Rain, rain and more rain!! It has rained almost every day this month. The bush is
green, the rivers are flowing (if not flooding), the pans and dams are (generally) full. What a
change from last year this time when we were panicking about a pending drought! The
wildlife is well dispersed and fattening up, and we are taking the opportunity to take stock!!
Bhejane Trust has now formed a Board as the Trust has grown to the extent to warrant
such a development, and we held our first board meeting in January to set policy and plans
for the coming year. The board consists of Trevor Lane, Stephen Long, David Carson, Ian
Gloss, Dan Jones and we have co-opted the chairman of the Matabeleland branch of the
Wildlife and Environmental Society of Zimbabwe (WEZ) – currently Stuart Johnson. We still
hope to recruit a couple more Board members in the near future, to round the board off. To read the full news letter click here BT- Jan 2017 newsletter