And in other news… 05/01/2017

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And in other news… 05/01/2017

On behalf of management and staff at Bambazonke would like to wish all our readers a happy and prosperous New Year!
We are starting up a Digest for all our readers. This is our first edition and we welcome any comments on the publication.
“The New Year is a blank 365 page book. Write a good one.”
Every person on this wonderful planet is given the chance to “start over” as the clock strikes midnight on the last day of December. It’s true of course, each new day is a new beginning, and every moment is a new beginning too, only sometimes we forget that. New Year’s resolutions are written down, and then proceeded to be forgotten about.
Most people will agree that 2016 was a rather terrible year and the 2017 is going to be great! So, why not make it a great year! The only person who can make that happen is you.
We might say, “There are challenging times ahead”, but I believe from the bottom of my heart, that with all our strength, capabilities, and by working together, using our intelligence, wisdom and experience, we will not just overcome these challenges. But we will indeed, thrive and HAVE THE BEST YEAR YET!
So, come on, write a good book!

Gosho Park
Marondera Mountain Bike Ride
Game Fence Fundraising Event
Come for a ride a support a good cause! Click here to read more…

Public Lecture on Honey Bees and Pollination
The Public Lecture for all Concerned with the Honeybee!!! Honeybee and Pollination its value to Agriculture.
Theme “PROTECT THEIR LIVES, PRESERVE OURS” Click here to read more…

Italian movie night
The Italian Cultural Society, Dante Alighieri will be screening the hilarious Italian film “Quo Vado?”. The film will be screened in Italian with English subtitles.
Film synopsis: Checco was born into a life of relative comfort and privilege among his peers in his small town in southern Italy. He is one of the lucky few to have a posto fisso, or guaranteed job as a public servant. When a new reformist government vows to cut down on bureaucracy, Checco is forced to accept ever-worsening public-sector postings in order to maintain his guaranteed pay, benefits, and lifetime employment. Mrs. Sironi is a representative of the new government who is tasked with downsizing the public sector by offering buyouts to targeted government employees in exchange for their resignation (see constructive dismissal). She takes a special interest in Checco who eventually becomes the last resilient holdout, no matter what hellish place he is appointed he finds rays of hope and won’t surrender his public employee status. Click here to read more…

Places to visit
National Botanical Gardens
Situated with-in Harare, the Botanical Gardens is 58 hectares of beautifull flora. The gardens host a wide variety of indigenous trees and plants. There are 3 different gardens:
The Herbarium has about 500 000 plant specimens. This is the research centre for identifying and naming plants with-in the Flora Zambesiaca Region.
The Botanic Garden grows over 900 trees and shrubs of Zimbabwe.
The Education Centre distributes information on the plants of zimbabwe and the plant kingdom to educational institutes.

As most of you have heard, the Harare SPCA is in need of some help. The non-profit organisation does a huge amount of good for the community. They spay and neuter animals on a daily basis, take in unwanted pets while trying their hardest to rehome them, prevent cruelty to animals, and educate the community on proper care of pets. Without the SPCA these problems would rise. There would be more rabid dogs, more abused and mistreated animals, and an increase of feral animals due to the fact that they won’t be spayed or neutered. So, let’s get together as a community and try help the SPCA.


St Marellin Children’s Village
I clearly remember the meeting we held in the then “Nursery School” … it was not a happy one as it was held to discuss the possible closure of the Village. Very happy we met… Continue reading in the attachment below.

Own Your Rubbish

Own Your Rubbish has had a very successfull year. We moved the exhibition four times and held many environmental educational tours at National Gallery and Tsoko Gallery to schools, institutions and corporates. We are now selling the recycled craft at Maasdorp and Jamtree Markets and will have our Own Your Rubbish website up and running by early next year and will also be at Hifa 2017.
Please visit and ‘like’ our Own Your Rubbish Facebook page –


A WAR of words is taking place and victory will be measured not in cheers, but in silence. Click here to read more…

Parkinson’s disease
Parkinson’s disease is a chronic neurological condition which is classified as the second most common in the world; second only to Alzheimer’s disease. The cause is still unknown, although many neurologists suspect that it could possibly be of genetic origin. There also appears to be a definite link to contact with certain agricultural/industrial chemicals, particularly those used in the dry-cleaning industry. Click here to read more…

Lost and found
Our Jack-Russell Female called Maputi ran out the gate on Yarmouth Avenue, The Grange – on the night of 25th December. She has a spiked collar on, no name tag. White and Tan in colour, with grey fur on her face, slightly squint, short tail. We are offering a reward for her safe return. Please call 499108 or 0772345079. From: Little Blessings []

The Macaw is still around. It seems to be ok. Very noisy bird which the crows are keeping a respective distance from!! We’ve seen it eating some berries and will put a bit of fruit out later. It moves around Garden Lane, Avondale so would guess it’s from this area??

Fund Raiser

Come support the Christon Bank community at a Fun Day at Thetford Estate! Lots of fun to be had and all for a good cause. The fund raiser will support community projects such as road maintenance, environmental preservation, bins, rubbish collection, security etc. . There will be runners, cyclists, rock climbers, horse riders, model aircraft, all enjoying the splendid bush scenery.
St Joseph’s House for Boys
St Joseph’s House for Boys is a children’s home that is located in Belvedere, Harare. The home was started in 1936. The home takes care of orphans and vulnerable children, all of school going age. The home rely on donations from well-wishers. Therefore due to financial challenges, we are having some difficulties in maintaining the swimming pool. At St Joseph’s House for Boys we have a number of boys who are good at swimming and our failure to maintain the swimming pool it’s a disadvantage to other boys. Hence the appeal for support from well-wishers.
William Muchono 0773 493 948. 31 Denbigh Road, Belvedere.
Miracle Missions Trust


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