And in other news… 10/01/2017

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And in other news… 10/01/2017

Editor’s note
The other night, I was about to open my front door when a snake popped its head out of the door frame. Having grown up on a farm, I slowly moved myself and my daughter backwards and called my partner. After we inspected it and obtained opinions from others, it turned out to be a brown house snake. Perfectly harmless. Our first reaction was to remove it as quickly as possible, but after a few minutes to calm down from the excitement of our new resident, we decided to leave it be. It will move along on its own accord.
This saga made me think about how quickly we are to mistreat animals. Just because it is a snake, does that mean we have to kill it? No, it’s still a life after all. Every life deserves to live. There are people out there who can come remove unwanted animals from your property and place them in a place they will be safe from the hustle and bustle of city and family life.
This kind way of thinking doesn’t just apply to animals. Think about the person next to you, the teller in the shops, and the beggar with one leg on the street. We forget so easily to treat people with kindness and respect. You never know what they might be going through. A kind word or gesture goes a long way.

2017 Time Trial Series (Cycling) January 13th onwards
The race of truth: Nothing but the rider against the clock. All riders welcome. MTB and road category on offer with distances from 5km to 36km.The Time Trial Series event will run from Jam Tree and Mount Pleasant Golf Course, offering a great start/finish atmosphere making the event more than just a bike ride. Click here to read more…
Shape up to the new year! January 18th

Shape up to the New Year is a four week group program geared to make you healthy – not just skinny! Kickstart your weight loss and learn holistic, healthy, sensible, achievable, sustainable nutrition secrets. Click here to read more… new-year/
Peter Creswell in Concert (Pianist) January 21st
EXTRACTS FROM Peter’s music including
Musicals – Masses – Oratorios – Concertos and Symphonies – Chamber music. Click here to read more…
Ladies Circle Black Tie Ball January 28th
Join us at the Ladies Circle Black Tie Ball at Cresta Lodge Harare, Zimbabwe. Our theme will be Caribbean Nights. There will be live entertainment, a raffle and auction. Click here to read more…
Places to visit
Twala Trust
Twala Trust is based just outside Harare. They take in animals and birds to create a safe place for them. Some of the animals have been orphaned and need to be hand raised, some are injured and some are abused. Twala tries its hardest to rehabilitate the animals so they can be released back into the wild. Take a picnic and relax in their beautifull garden while you look around at the animals and birds. Well worth the visit. Contact Twala on 0716-801-327, 0733-436-239 or 0774-312-887

Harare Athletics Club Calendar (Running)
Whilst non-members are most welcome to come and participate in the majority of club events, we are offering a special offer to new runners to join the club in January – 15 months membership for the cost of 12. Our club’s membership year runs 1 April to 31 March, therefore people signing up now will enjoy complementary membership. Click here to read more…
Mozambique Security
We are delighted to report Renamo has reported a ceasefire until end of March 2017 (it may be extended beyond that date) The convoy has not operated since 24rd December 2016 and traffic is reportedly been free flowing since that date. Good news for all friends of Mozambique! Jane Reilly-Archipelago Resorts-Vilanculos
Christian Counselling centre
The Christian Counselling Centre is a non-profit registered Trust that offers counselling to anyone who would like to talk confidentially to a counsellor concerning any problem. They can be contacted on 744212 or 744580.
Bhejane Trust (Hwange Parks update)

Mr Power Mapungs has officially taken over as Area Manager of Zambezi National Park, and we look forward to fruitful working relationship. Power comes from Robins, where we already had established a relationship. Mr Edmore Ngosi has moved to Main Camp and we wish him well there, and thank him for all the great support he gave to us when stationed here – it was a prime example of how everyone can work together for the benefit of the Park, the area and the people. Click here to read more…
Reader’s comments
I am also not an avid tv person however over a year ago I ditched DSTV and am fully satisfied with my internet access for news (sky al jaz, reuters, bbc) latest movies and series (put locker)all for free and legal AND no continuous DSTV adverts driving me bananas! There is apparently a provider of sports channels for Rand 70 a month but I haven’t followed it up. I honestly can’t understand how DSTV have any customers from. So happy not to be with DSTV. Click here to read more comments…
Lost and found
I found a lost mixed breed female dog on Bargate Road, Pomona. It is black and tan with a pink spot on nose. I took her to Chisi Vet but SPCA were going to collect her from there.
The Harare Spca has been inundated with strays from all areas. The kennels are full to capacity and many of the dogs and cats that have come in are very obviously owned. They are well looked after and some have collars but none are microchipped.
Please take the time to come in and identify your dog or cat if it is missing. Proof of ownership in the form of photographs and vaccination certificates are essential. We understand that owners may still be away oh holiday but schools reopen soon and hopefully members of the public will come forward to claim their lost pets
If you know of anyone missing a pet please share this e mail with them.
There is also the possibility that some of these dogs may have been stolen some time ago and have resurfaced so it is worth a journey to the Harare Spca to have a look for your missing pets.

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