And in other news… 16/01/2017

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And in other news… 16/01/2017

…and in other news…
Editor’s note
I saw a quote the other day (which all you Harry Potter fans will understand) –“Don’t chase the quaffle if you have your eye on the snitch”. You could put this quote into any context. The point of it is, keep your eye on the goal. Many times in life we become distracted by day to day stresses, then we lose track of what we want out of life. It often takes an unfortunate event to knock the sense back and put us back on the straight and narrow. These events seem tough at the time, but are probably a great way to think about what you want out of life.
When you think about the future, is it the same future that you imagined 10 years ago? Probably not. Life changes, people change and situations change, but hopefully, your goal is the same. It’s how you adapt to these changes while staying focused that matters. So, are you still on track? – Sarah
Pre-Ngomas advertising workshop: Drum it in! (18th January)
A morning workshop plus lunch, followed in the afternoon by a screening of the 2016 Cannes Advertising Awards winning entries. Speakers at the workshop will be looking at different perspectives of the advertising industry. Click here to read more…
NGO Field Driver Course (27th January)
The course will equip drivers with knowledge and skills for them to effectively execute their duties as NGO field drivers. Click here to read more…

Tsoko Gallery
Tsoko Gallery is holding a charity exhibition to raise funds for the Thakor Patel trust fund to help Thakor a well-known Zimbabwean painter of 84 years to pay his medical bills. Click here to read more…
“Incredible Connections”
Pam Harris is a renowned South African floral artist from the Cape. hHr demonstration will have a real wow factor.

We are fund raising for the team to go to Barbados in June to the World Flower Show and we have TWO Judges and Five Competitors attending which is fantastic for such a small country. Click here to read more…
Places to visit
Wild is Life
Wild is Life is a haven of comfort and seclusion, calm and dignity. They offer an authentic experience of close up and personal connections with animals, many of whom are rescued, orphaned or specially protected. They choose to offer these experiences with integrity and with a responsibility towards the welfare of both the guests and the wild residents. Contact 0779-949-821 or email

Art lessons
Monavale Vlei
Our vlei’s in Harare are a great water source. We should take care of them. That’s exactly what is being done to Monavale Vlei. If you have never heard of Monavale, you should go check it out. It is a beautifully maintained, natural Vlei. Having lived in Monavale, I have seen first-hand what a great job the COSMO committee does. Click here to visit their website…

The Livingstone biweekly
Zambia will next month hold a High Level Regional Investment Conference to mobilise resources for the Batoka Gorge Hydro Electric Power Scheme which is estimated to cost US$ 6 Billion and produce 2, 400 Mega Watts to be shared equally between Zambia and Zimbabwe. Click here to read more…

Ocean pollution
By the year 2050 there will be more plastic rubbish floating in our oceans than fish unless we make some drastic changes to the way use and dispose of plastic materials. This is the prediction from a report presented at this year’s World Economic Forum in Switzerland, which also suggests that marine and bird life will be devastated in just three short decades unless we act now to collectively reduce plastic consumption, increase recycling and dispose of plastic waste appropriately. Click here to read more…
Moon and Regulus
Did you see a bright star next to the moon on Saturday night? That star is called Regulus. Regulus is located along the ecliptic, or path of the sun, moon and planets in our sky. The moon shifts from year to year with respect to this path, but currently it’s situated such that it’ll occult Regulus every month for some months to come. To continue reading the extract from EarthSky News, click here…

Lost and found
Still missing from 24 Harare Drive, Chisipite, since 1st January 2017, medium sized, cross breed black and tan female dog. Answers to the name of Tiara. Any information of a sighting or her known whereabouts greatly appreciated. Owners desperate…! Please phone Peter on 0712 405813, landline 490-802, or Koffee 0773-085-045. Reward offered for her safe return.
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