And in other news… 27/01/2017

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And in other news… 27/01/2017

Editor’s note
Starting a project, whether it be large or small, requires dedication. It is so easy just to throw in the towel when we get bored or the task becomes a bit difficult. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve called it quits because that was the easy thing to do. Recently my life took a rather drastic turn, so I decided to focus more on doing my absolute best in everything I do.
Often it is just a bad habit that needs to be broken. It can be very frustrating having a dozen half-finished projects lying around. Perhaps it’s something as little as not putting the dishes away or as big as an unfinished business plan. We should all try do our very best. Maybe life in this not-so-easy country would be a little bit easier if the tasks we started were finished, and the energy we put into these tasks was done with all our strength. – Sarah
Ignite Your Business Entrepreneurship and Business Development Program (26th of January)
For all the ambitious business owners or aspiring entrepreneurs out there, join us for this powerful 6 week program that is designed to teach how to build and grow a successful business through the development of core Entrepreneurship, Business Management, Mindset Evolving & Action Generation skills. Click here to read more…

NGO Field Driver Course (27th of January)
The course will equip drivers with knowledge and skills for them to effectively execute their duties as NGO field drivers. Click here to read more…

Introduction to Photography Course (28th of January)
Our Introduction to Photography Day Course is perfect for anyone wanting to know more about the theory of photography and how to take better pictures. The course covers the following aspects in easy to understand detail. Click here to read more…

Mozambique warning
Warning for anyone near the Save River or intending to travel to Mavue, Massangena, Zinave, the Save River Bridge (on the EN.1 north of Inhassoro) or Nova Mambone. The Save is flooding severely and reports are at Birchenough Bridge in Zimbabwe, it is at its highest level since 1980. If this is correct, any infrastructure along the river is in danger of washing away, including Tondo Lodge and the new Zinave HQ at Covane!

Turgwe Hippo Trust
Best news ever the drought is now officially over, we have had 250mm now of rain so the grass has really come up. Here is my January video showing BonBon hippo in the flooded Turgwe River as well as the last of the feeding and Kuchek at the food. I hope you will all enjoy. Click here to read more…

Did Trump Dump Climate Change?
Upon learning that President Donald Trump’s new administration had removed the web page on climate change from the White House’s site, climate scientists were dismayed, though not necessarily surprised. “It is too sadly predictable,” Michael Mann, a distinguished professor of meteorology at Pennsylvania State University, told Live Science. Click here to read more…

Readers comments
Trucks on Kariba road
You might be surprised to know that most of the long haulage trucks go through Botswana now as the Beit Bridge Border is a nightmare for them. Haulage trucks pay their tolls at the border when they cross. Click here to read more…

Lost and found
Found late this afternoon, on Whitwell Road, closer to Willowmead Junction & St John’s School, in the Ballantyne Park suburb, was a St Bernard dog. If her owners are looking for her, we took her to Kamfinsa Vet for safe keeping. She was endangering herself by constantly running directly into the traffic, obviously hoping to follow her “owner’s car” home. She had no collar or chip. Thank you.

Found Cat: A beautiful light ginger coloured short haired male cat arrived at our home on Lomagundi and West Road intersection during the night of Sunday 22nd January. He is about 4 or 5 years old and not chipped or neutered. However he is very very friendly, looking good and obviously someone’s pet as quite at home in the house. He has been taken to the 24 hour vet and will go across to the SPCA. Phone 0772-434-364 / 0712-607-523
LOST: Three black A3 children’s ART FOLDERS fell off our car roof somewhere along YORK/DULWICH/NORTH ROADS on Wednesday 18th January early morning. PLEASE PLEASE of no value to anyone but of immense personal value to us. Please return or contact me if you saw anything. Helen 0784-755-064.
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