And in other news… 31/01/2017

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And in other news… 31/01/2017

Editor’s note

Our appearance depicts who we are as a person. Or does it? Ever heard the saying “never judge a book by its cover”? Of course you have, and it applies to every aspect of life. Whether you are judging a person or a tin of tomatoes. No one can truly know the true character of the person they are talking to, and sometimes a great deal is missed, just by failing to take the time and look beyond the outside appearances.

Now, that doesn’t mean you can walk around looking like you’ve just climbed out of bed. But, a book with a plain cover and simple title may be more important, more entertaining, or more useful than a book bound in a flashier cover. – Sarah


Fascinating Fungi with Mukuvisi Woodlands (3rd of February)

It’s mushroom season! Fungi Fundi Cathy Sharp will join us once again to teach us more about fascinating February Fungi! Click here to read more…




Old Mutual Relay Challenge (5th of February)

Main race is a 42.2km marathon plus relay challenge. Any team between 2 and 8 runners. As long as the baton is carried 42.2kms choose your distance. Also fun runs of 5km, 10km and 21kms. Something for all runners! School relay teams very welcome! Click here to read more…



Gateway High School Open Day (7th of February)

You are invited to get a feel of the Gateway High School Experience at our Open Day on the 7th of February 2017. All Grade 6 & 7 parents and prospective students are welcome. Click here to read more…


Save River Floods

In the face of potential floods due to incessant rains, Platform for Youth Development community monitors are on high alert, tracking the thread of the destruction in Chipinge. Click here to read more…

HIFA preparations on track

The festivals associate executive director, Tafadzwa Simba said they were pleased with the response from the public, adding that the programme would be rolled out to the public in the coming weeks. “Preparations have progressed well. The call for artistic applications closed on December 31 and they are now being assessed. The response has been terrific and applications from all over the world have come in,” he said. Click here to read more…



Advising NSSA Pensioners that they are required to do a new Biometric Certificate of Life, before 31 March 2017, at NSSA on 2nd Street. You only need to have your ID with you. The process takes at best 5 minutes, recording your Photograph, and then Finger prints of your right and left Thumbs and Fore Fingers. Few questions confirming your residential address and Mobile No. Don‘t be put off by queues, as it really moves along swift. Go in the afternoon – they are open until 1630hrs, as queues are shorter.

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An elderly couple in Mount Pleasant area were robbed at midday yesterday.  The thieves were in a vehicle and showed the gardener a Water dept paper thereby gaining access.  They went into the house and took what little cash the couple had from her handbag and disappeared.  The couple were resting and didn’t hear anything.



The EcoEd Trust

The EcoEd Trust helps develop schools affected by poverty and lack of funding so they can compete with wealthier institutions with better facilities. The Trust’s aim isn’t to create dependency, but rather to help the schools, and those associated with them, to cultivate a spirit of self-reliance, progress and entrepreneurship. Emphasis is given to technology, electricity supply, sanitation and classroom facilities alongside athletic development and food sufficiency. The schools supported by EcoEd typically have parents and guardians earning less than two dollars a day, alongside many child-headed households affected by AIDS. Visit their website here…

Readers Comments

Pothole repairers

I understand why some drivers felt the voluntary pothole menders are a nuisance, but I’ve been so grateful for their efforts on many occasions. I can’t afford to dish out a dollar every time but i carry packets of peanut biscuits in my car to dish out to those I feel have a need, including the pot-holers, in appreciative recognition. They are always grateful. Times are tough for everyone, even those with initiative. Just adding my two bits. Click here to read more comments…


Greystone Park Nature Reserve Dam

Following unprecedented rain fall both in the area and in the catchment, the dam in the Greystone Nature Preserve breached. The dam which had only just refilled from months of being empty after the poor rainfall from the previous rainy season was unable to deal with this onslaught, the spillway simply could not handle the flow and an inspection prior to the breach revealed that the flood waters were actually flowing over the dam wall.      Click here to read the full story…                        


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