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AWARE just returned from an emergency operation in Kariba where we required to treat both a snared lion and hyena.

We were called at 8am on the 7th February to attend to a suspected snare removal off a lion just outside the township.  We had zero to go on as the bush was so thick nobody could confirm sex, size or extent of any injury.  The assumption of a snare was that this lion would not attack anyone when the area was approached but was making a huge amount of noise.  As usual with a situation like this we pack and leave.  We don’t stop to attempt to raise funds first and we accept the costs in the hope that afterwards we may be able to recover some of the costs.  As a team of veterinarians the priority is the safety and welfare of the animal in question.  The operation was an incredible success on both fronts but I have put more detail on the hyena below as I am still editing and haven’t been able to post much on the hyena at this early stage.

I am appealing for some local support to cover our costs.  I am loathe to do this right now as I know times are tough for everyone.  Sadly these animals need a voice and as most people know getting a positive message out of the country about Zim is almost impossible. I have attached the link that I have posted on FB with a 6 minute video so people can share the chaos.  We were descended upon by 1000 residents in what can only described as “excited” state.  The footage does the story justice, where my words cannot.

Back to back with the lion Op we attended to a snared hyena approx. 3 klms from the lion’s location.  Upon arrival this poor young male was in a dire state and we assume had not been able to eat for maybe 3 weeks as it had a snare through its mouth with the knot dead center in his throat.  I have attached link to FB post I did upon return yesterday so you can get some idea of the state of him. (It is the last 5 pictures of this post and has to be seen to be believed that he was still breathing) We removed the snare and did an all-night vigil supplying him with fluids and hand feeding him.  After 7 hours and close to midnight we moved him to a holding cage so we could monitor him closely and assess him.

The following morning it didn’t look great but we were very lucky that Debbie Ottman located an ex SPCA nurse of 7 years who was able to continue the vigil for us.  We have to admit we were not sure of the odds but giving him a chance was the priority.  Just 4 hours ago we received a call from Debbie to tell us he is miraculously up on his feet, biting and growling and calling.  Once I can compile video people will be amazed at his recovery.  At one stage Lisa had him almost lying on her lap, he was so tired and malnourished he allowed us to handle him even when not under anaesthetic.  To hear he has bounced back like this is incredible.

I really would be excited to see the business community support us and I am always happy to discuss exposure or a strategic partnership if it’s feasible & fair for both parties.

Please see donor/support details below and I would be happy for anyone to email or phone me if they have questions on the details below.

Account name: The AWARE Trust
CBZ Bank
Borrowdale Branch
Account number: 02922611390014



Ecocash upon request.

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