Kariba – Hyena Update

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Kariba – Hyena Update

On Tuesday 7/2 we put out an update regarding a snared Lion and a wounded Hyena.

HYENA – SUB ADULT – we think ? – SNARED 7/2/16

Tuesday morning, about an hour after the Parks Area Manager contacted us regarding a snared Lion, we received another call that Residents had phoned in and reported a wounded Hyena wondering through Nyamhunga.

This is unheard of.  Hyena do not move through built up areas in the day NORMALLY.

Whilst one Senior Parks ranger was guarding the area where our Lion Son-Boy Tawanda was, KAWFT collected a further 2 Senior Parks Rangers and headed off to the house in Nyamhunga that had reported this incident.

As we arrived the thunder was rumbling and before long the heavens opened up again.  Once we had spoken with the Residents, undeterred by the pelting but much welcomed rain, we searched both sides of the flowing stream but could not find Hyena anywhere.  Again thick vegetation against us as well as the rain which was washing away any possible spoor or supposed blood smears.

Leaving that area, we headed to where the other Senior Ranger was guarding the area with the Lion and updated him on the unfolding of the day so far and made plans for the procedure once the Aware Vets arrived.

We ran around getting together the required equipment and the rest of the team. The rest of the day raced on and more messages started coming in from residents along with photos of this poor boy ( we think he is a boy but Hyena are not very easy to identify in the gender area. )

As the Lion rescue unfolds we are receiving calls and messages from Residents that the Hyena has now again been located.

KAWFT rushes off there as well and calls back to advise that the poor boy is close to death.

As we reach half way to drop off location of the sub adult lion more frantic calls from the other KAWFT team to get to the Hyena who is now almost dead.

Time now to stop the convoy and send Keith back with a Ranger to tend to the Hyena in the hopes we can save him as well. Quick frenzied unpacking and re-packing of drugs to take to the Hyena.

Darted, the wire removed that had cut open the sides of his jaw and the back of his head. The wounds well cleaned, meds and rehydration given

Night of the 7th close to death.

After removing the snare, cleaning the wounds, administering antibiotics, removing the maggots and cleaning up that back area of this poor animal a slow wait and watch into the evening.

Another flying trip made to a Nyamhunga Butchery to grab some liver to try and feed this boy as he slowly awakened back to life. Though he was dozily keen in trying to eat, he could not swallow and understandably had no energy

By 10.30pm it was decided we could not possibly leave this horrifically wounded, emaciated animal to fend for himself.

He had been slowly deteriorating since the wire snare was caught in his mouth and behind the top of his head for a good 4 to 6  weeks. Unable to eat or drink for that prolonged period he had grown weaker and weaker, in horrendous pain. Completely starved, dehydrated, weak and in terrible condition due to this.  Maggots had set in on his hips/pelvic/back area due to the bad condition creating another life threatening area on his body.

He stood absolutely no chance.  Permission was requested from The Parks Area Manager to keep him safely in a cage to see if he survived through the night and then proceed day to day with him

Loaded into the cage and moved to a safe area. Water was dribbled into his mouth and he gratefully managed to swallow it through to moisten his parched throat. We all finally fell into bed at midnight – an exhausting and emotionally draining day


As Keith and Lisa needed to return to Harare and a slow drip was to be left all day to re-hydrate a resident we asked to assist, thankfully helped out with monitoring the drip and keeping an eye on his vitals through the day.  

Water, milk and liquidised meat was syringed into his mouth. He started lapping the milk himself and later stood up to urinate. HOORAY first good sign. His wounds are continuously being re-sprayed with wound spray.


  • Stood up in the morning, gave a few wonderful “whoop” howls and ate a bowl of Paws pet food himself !!!. Still not standing, eating whilst laying down as still very weak and falling asleep for a little while with his head in the bowl due to the sheer exhaustion from a simple task of eating out of a bowl,  then waking up and eating some more – BUT great improvement

DAY 3/ Friday

  • After 2 days of slow improvement, day 3 morning went downhill.  A panicked call was made to Keith and Lisa.
  • After rushing around sorting what was needed, another shot of antibiotics was given, another rehydration drip that was to be given if possible/safe to set in place – turned out it was not …. because…….. Mr Bones had decided he wanted to see us running around after him.  He no longer wanted Paws pet food, he requested liver, chicken breasts, kidney and a sprinkling of mince meat. This he ate with slow, weak but none the less, glee. Omitting a very low growl every now and then with a left nostril wrinkle.  
  • So – drinking water, milk and eating food – more great
  • His colouring and coat have improved and his skin is more hydrated but his eyes are still very sunken.

Frequent updates of his condition will be sent out as Parks, KAWFT and Aware Vets help this boy become whole again.

Due to the dwindling numbers of Hyena in the area over the years, mainly due to exactly the same reason – SNARES/POACHING –  we just HAVE to do everything possible to rehabilitate this animal and release him back into the wild. We think he is a sub adult but it is difficult to be sure due to his emaciated state.

If he survives, which we hope and believe he will, it is going to be some time/weeks before he is strong enough to be released.  We have to feed him up so he has the strength to hunt again and fend off any other predators, including his own kind.


This weak patient, will need a few kilos of meat daily.

We have spoken with Crispy Fresh who will assist with the required meat at cost price. Crispy Fresh have also donated a large side of ribs for him to crunch his way through when he is much stronger.

If you can help in any way with a dollar or more either left at Crispy Fresh or transferred into their account or ours, you will be helping to give this Hyena another chance at life and multiply his pack.

If you have Liver or Chicken breasts you would like to donate – you can contact Sonya or Debbie for collection or arrangement of collection point.

We have also spoken with the Manager of TM and will keep in coms with TM regarding liver that should be arriving on Wednesday this week.

If every Resident in Kariba gave 50c, the cost of Aware Trust travel, drugs and feed for Mr Bones would probably be well covered.

As we put in the Lion update –  Fuel + 200.00, Drugs + 300.00 Stress, aching hearts and sleepless nights !!! – no charge

Feed for Mr Bones has so far  ( 3 days ) cost 50.00 and his appetite should increase as he mends.

THEN the next project ….  2 recuperation cage enclosures. This will hugely benefit all treated animals as in just these 2 instances, the young Lion Tawanda could have been kept safely under observation for 2 or 3 days to ensure his foot was strong enough for him to cope with any threats by other Lions as well as hunt efficiently.

Mr Bones would be in the High Care enclosure to receive lots of safe but healing TLC with any other medication and monitoring required.

So another appeal will be out soon as we gather out wits and work out what materials are required and confirm situation of the enclosures in safe and preferred sites confirmed with the Parks Authorities.

All this will be after the erecting of the Dump fence to keep our Eles and other wildlife safe and alive – which is about to start in the next couple of weeks and which an update will be sent out as soon as possible  –

  • Thank you to
  • Parks Area Manager and Rangers,
  • Residents who alerted,
  • Aware Trust
  • Mark Van Zuydem
  • Darryl Webster
  • Givas
  • Crispy Fresh
  • African proverb –  If you think you are too small to make a difference, you have never spent the night with a mosquito

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