And in other news… 03/02/2017

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And in other news… 03/02/2017

Editor’s note

In day to day life we go around doing our own business, not aware of much else around us. The other day while driving home, I was waiting at the traffic lights. Normally I would just look ahead in a daze, but this time I was looking around and noticed a homeless man standing next to a smouldering fire which was hidden away. There was something about the smoke that made him look even more dishevelled and my heart hurt for him. He must live a terrible life full of hunger and pain.

We tend to forget very quickly how lucky we are, even when life can seem so straining. You can see why a select few people dedicate their lives to helping the needy. The world needs more people like that. – Sarah


National Botanic Gardens Walk (4th of February)

Enjoy an interactive and educational walk with the Tree Society through the National Botanic Gardens on Saturday the 4th of February. Click here to read more…




Old Mutual Relay Challenge (5th of February)

Main race is a 42.2km marathon plus relay challenge. Any team between 2 and 8 runners. As long as the baton is carried 42.2kms choose your distance. Also fun runs of 5km, 10km and 21kms. Something for all runners! School relay teams very welcome! Click here to read more…




Waste Management Networking Meeting (7th of February)

Miracle Missions Trust would like to THANK YOU for your support during the whole year of 2016. We look forward to your continued support as we go on with our monthly networking meetings in 2017. Join our Waste Management Networking meeting. Click here to read more…


ZLHR is moving

Zimbabwe Lawyers for Human Rights (ZLHR) will be moving to new premises at the end of January. If you’ve driven down Second Street lately you must have noticed the brightly painted and very funky building, between Josiah Chinamano and Baines Avenues. Click here to read the full story…

Bambazonke Facebook Page

If you haven’t already liked our Facebook Page, then you can click the link below which will take you straight there! It is full of all the latest content from Bambazonke. So, click that like button to keep up to date!

School Open Days

Falcon College Open Day (4th of February)

Falcon College will be holding an open day for prospective Grade 5, 6, and 7 Parents and their Son’s and Daughter’s. Click here for more information…

Gateway High School Open Day (7th of February)

You are invited to get a feel of the Gateway High School Experience at our Open Day on the 7th of February 2017. All Grade 6 & 7 parents and prospective students are welcome.





Lomagundi College Schools Open Day (10th of February)

Lomagundi College and Lomagundi College Primary Schools are inviting all prospective parents with their sons and daughters to enjoy the Gundi family hospitality. Click here for more information…





Eaglesvale Senior School Open Day (10th of February)

Eaglesvale Senior School will be holding an Open Day for prospective parents and their sons and daughters. Click here for more information…








Lava fire hose

A stunning new video has captured a huge fire hose of lava streaming into the ocean at Hawai’i Volcanoes National Park. The stream of lava is currently pouring into the ocean from a sea cliff near Kamokuna on the Big Island of Hawaii. Read the full story here…



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