Ballroom Dancing Competition

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Ballroom Dancing Competition

HI All,


Do you have young kids that don’t quite fit into the rugby / hockey / cricket buzz of most schools in Zim? What about taking them along to the next Ballroom Dancing Competition at the Italian Club next Saturday. We used to dance competitively so always hung around to watch the top dancers show off their elegant dancing skills towards the end of these evenings. The fun part, of course, is to see all the littlies of 6 or 7 who have just learnt how to do the 1,2,3 step for the basic Waltz. Why not give your kids that opportunity? They can start at any age – 6 or 16. If you watch dancers they all know how to hold their heads up high and keep their backs straight – they also have many refined social skills that the general teenagers in town could well learn from! Keeeeeep on dancing.

Mike G.


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