Cricketer Colin Bland Dies aged 80

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Cricketer Colin Bland Dies aged 80

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When we were youngsters at school in Bulawayo we often listened to our seniors raving on about how good a fielder a guy called Colin Bland was – he was also an ex Gifford Tech boy. We hear how Colin could throw a cricket ball from the boundary and hit the wickets 9 times out of ten – that was apparently a result of endless practice at something he relished. South African Jonty Rhodes was from the same mould – do we have any like that playing for Zim right now?

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‘….Bland played first-class cricket for Rhodesia, including fixtures against New Zealand in 1961. He impressed with an innings of 98, and was subsequently included in South Africa’s Test squad….’

‘…he showed off the fielding he became best-known for. In later years, Jonty Rhodes’ speed and agility was compared with Bland’s,….’

‘…Bland was born in Bulawayo, but went on to play 21 Tests for South Africa between 1961 and 1966. ….’

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