DSTV comments 1

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DSTV comments 1

We have not had dstv for 5 years and even the children do not miss it. We livestream via a laptop and connect to tv if there’s anything we want to watch as a family. Not only are we able to watch what we like when we like,but it cuts down on time spent in front of tv by the kids and the husband as a little more complicated than pressing the on-button and grabbing the remote.
I would like to add to this comment. I was really disappointed with DSTV over the festive holidays, there were no special programmes aired looked like someone had put in a disc with series on and they just ran it with adverts in-between. I have been a DSTV subscriber since it stated and for what we are paying per month I really think it is time someone looked at what is offered to the public. The fact that they keep adding channels which also just run repeats is a waste of time. As you mention Netflix, Can anyone give us all the information on how to join and what we would need. Kind Regards Jacquie
This has long been a bug bear of mine – viewers pay a premium $83.00 to be exact versus R749.00 per month – average exchange rate R13.50:US$1 converts to approx. $56.00 per month – yet we DO NOT GET ANY OF THE BENEFITS I.E. COMPETITIONS / SPECIALS / PRIZES etc available to the SA users and continue to get innumerable repeats –- DSTV Zim have been on the pigs back for years – whilst I appreciate the fact that they have overheads locally this does NOT justify such a massive margin ! Whilst Netflix is a good relatively inexpensive option to have it doesn’t have sport (the primary reason for getting DSTV) – and yes WHY aren’t they screening the international cricket with teams other than South Africa playing!!! Another option to DSTV is long overdue!! Regards Sarah
My son tells me that Fox Sports bought the sole rights for viewing Australian cricket for an astronomical amount of money and that is the reason we cannot have the pleasure of watching their matches. We are wondering if we will get coverage of the Ashes. Rgds Debbie
DStv has been evolving for a long time and has reached a scale and maturity that makes it extremely challenging for any new contender to disrupt the establishment. For those with suitable Internet access, the likes of Netflix are a viable entertainment alternative though often with TV series that are one or more seasons behind DStv. Thankfully, it also offers a host of content never seen on DStv. For my part, I am tired of paying for a service that seems to consist of about 25% advertisements and 50-60% recycled content. Of the remaining 15-25% airtime of fresh content perhaps only 10-20% is of interest to me; after all no one likes every movie genre and content type. At best, that’s merely 3-5% of airtime which is likely to contain something I want to see or hear and it’s mostly hidden between adverts and repeats. I cannot consider this a service for which I would pay top dollar and so I have suspended my subscription.

I imagine that other’s feel the same and hope that in time the economic pressure of a dwindling subscriber base will compel change. If not, then this will remain a service that is worth nothing to me. Sadly, shrinking subscriber income may well lead to more adverts and less new content instead. I fear they have been on the wrong path for some time now and may lack the capital or will to change. Regards, Colin
I am also not an avid tv person however over a year ago I ditched DSTV and am fully satisfied with my internet acsess for news (sky al jaz,reuters bbc) latest movies and series (putlocker)all for free and legal AND no continuous DSTV adverts driving me bananas! There is apparently a provider of sports channels for Rand 70 a month but I havent followed it up. I honestly cant understand how DSTV have any customers
From So happy not to be with DSTV
Afternoon Mike there is the option of an Mbox which you can stream any channel in the world. You have to have a fast wifi connection though. I think the current price of an Mbox is roughly $330. It covers all sports, movies, series, and news channels. That is my understanding of the Mbox


I think back to the old days and the decline in ZBC’s offering – what a breath of fresh air DSTV was, I think a lot of us have forgotten this. Other than the inexplicable difference in subscription fees between Zim and South Africa I am satisfied with DSTV

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