DSTV comments 2

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DSTV comments 2

Your comments most valid. It is evident that most programs are based on reality shows, obviously a cheaper alternative. At the end of a day one would wish to be entertained with something more jovial then a 1000 ways of being killed. Morbid to say the least. I am sure most viewers would welcome good old British entertainment such as Mrs Bucket etc… I am pleased to note I am not the only person questioning the merit in renewing my monthly subscription. Regards, Duke
I would like to add to this comment. I was really disappointed with DSTV over the festive holidays, there were no special programmes aired looked like someone had put in a disc with series on and they just ran it with adverts in-between. I have been a DSTV subscriber since it stated and for what we are paying per month I really think it is time someone looked at what is offered to the public. The fact that they keep adding channels which also just run repeats is a waste of time. As you mention Netflix, Can anyone give us all the information on how to join and what we would need. Kind Regards Jacquie

I have not really watched Dstv for well over a year when I started watching Netflix more. I do, however, keep my options open. If the olympics are on, for example, I get Dstv switched on for that month, and then let it lapse again. As far as day to day news etc goes, one quickly gets in to finding a good on-line news round up, which is actually a whole lot better than sitting through piles of local English news etc, not much of which is of any relevance to us. I find it works well – keeping your options open but also moving forward with new products !
For Jacquie – go to Solution Centre who will tell you all you need to know about getting Netflix into your home.


Aussie cricket is available on Kwese TV – startup rival to DSTV owned by Strive – as long as you have a decent internet connection. Just watch online or download the app. Irritating that DSTV failed to buy the rights for Africa outside of SA but at least it’s available – for free, for now. Cheers, Simon


I am in agreement with everyone who has commented. There are definitely too many repeats! And yes we should be able to choose and pay for the channels we as individuals want to watch. Many a day can goes by without my TV being switched on, or possibly will turn to the music channels, and just have music to listen to. B


Hi Mike, We all have complaints about DSTV showing repeats of their shows and I have a solution should anyone be interested. It is similar to Netflix except there are no monthly charges however you do need unlimited wifi but it is so worth it. You get to watch new to very old movies, series, live streaming you name it. I am contactable on my e-mail or my mobile number is 0772417341. I could give a demonstration should the need arise.

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