DSTV comments 3

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DSTV comments 3

Hi Mike

My personal comment to you on the below:

“About a month ago, I bought a TV Smart Box from FM Leeya. If you have uncapped wifi, this is the way to go as there are no subscription charges, and you can basically watch any movie, TV show, sports, news channel etc that exists. I am cancelling my DSTV subscription now I have seen that this works. Rgds Gwynneth”

Seems she watches it on TV. Seems too good to be true to me. Who set it all up? A DSTV installer? Hope it does not go the way of the: “Manhatten; VIVID; FORTEC; Wiztech”. BUT, WHEN IT GOES PHUTT…….. Who is she going to call, GHOST BUSTERS? I am hoping to see the new GHOST BUSTERS on DSTV eventually, for a laugh. Rosemary


On a recent trip the UK I purchased an “Amazon Fire tv Stick” on Ebay. It is a small “dongle” that plugs straight into the HDMI port on your TV, and connects to your wifi. It does need to have an App called “Kodi” pre loaded, and it streams EVERYTHING you could ever hope to find on TV. The latest movies, TV shows, music, music concerts, complete series, live sports, news etc. etc. from all over the world. It does need a fast internet speed – above 8mbps. It cost 68 pounds sterling (with Kodi pre-loaded) and that is a one-off payment – no subscriptions or further payment at all. It is all you ever need, and I will not be renewing my DSTV. I am watching the Australia-Pakistan Test series as I type this.


I left DSTV full bouquet behind at the end of 2015 and haven’t looked back. Being poor I now watch DVDs and taped movies etc.
Things I don’t like about Multichoice’s services:-

(a) Fault in major principle: Not built for the customer’s needs – but only Multichoice’s profits!
(1) e.g. no choice of channels (should be able to choose all the channels you want to make up your OWN bouquet.)
(2) should be able to choose if you want to watch adverts or not. Should be a method of cutting all or some of them all out.
(3) should reduce repeats,
(4) maybe one day allow people to set up their personalised bouquet to select their own movies, series, documentaries, sport etc to watch.
(b) they charge too much for the services, greed I believe is the motivating factor.
(c) they try to control you in terms of what you can view and what you can hear – and if you want to view/hear everything you select, it is a mission to keep overriding the settings that continuously seek to restrict you.

That uncapped wifi box may be the way to go then?! Certainly I don’t think Multichoice is serious about customer requests, or will be prepared to change anything to benefit them. My complaints to date have always fallen on deaf ears.


I agree whole-heartedly with the complaints about DSTv’s rotten service. Twenty years ago,we used to be shown the Vienna New Year’s concert with the Vienna Symphony Orchestra,but now we get no classical music on the TV channels at all. The only classical music available was an hour and a half on the Afrikaans channel on Sunday afternoon which alternated between opera,ballet and symphony orchestras,but even that meagre offering has gone, to be replaced by local South African offerings. What we need is some competition – that would either put MultiChoice out of business or force them to buck their ideas up! Richard McGown

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