Exehall Bridge

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Exehall Bridge

HI All, I trust you are all enjoying the rains after being told this would be a drought year! There are reports of rivers overflowing all around town. In Borrowdale Brooke last night there was apparently 138mm of rain with a few houses reporting water flowing into through the front door! I was out running this morning in Greystone Park. The beautiful Greystone Park Nature Reserve – always been such a pleasant venue for birders – the dam wall broke last night so the dam is no more – it must have been about 8m deep but just an earth wall unfortunately – any offers to rebuild it?

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Then there is the bridge on Exhall Road – locals on a whatsapp claim to have had in the region of 137mm last night so I was out running this morning to check the damage. The Borrowdale Council has tried to close that bridge several times over the past 25 years to no avail – it is a makeshift “Bridge” that should be avoided especially when the Umwindsi River is raging as it is now. Some of you might remember that tragic accident about 20 years ago when a friend of ours tried unsuccessfully to cross this bridge in the early evening when it was about meter or two deep on the bridge itself – 2 people drowned that night. I appeal to all of you not to cross here especially when there is water


crossing – the one side wall has collapsed and you will not see it at night or beneath water. Ciao Mike G

Greystone Park Nature Reserve – Collapsed wall45

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