Interactive Children’s Museum

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Interactive Children’s Museum

HI All, There are so many talented Zimbos living in the Diaspora travelling the world gaining knowledge and ideas. Many of the younger ones have met and married fellow countrymen. These young families are now starting to return to Zimbabwe so that they can give their children a special kind of education that is hard to match overseas.

One such couple are Dr Allen Chiura and his wife Nozipo – both highly regarded medical specialists. During their travels they visited numerous interactive Childrens Museums around the world and they have decided to set one up right here in Harare. I was invited along, yesterday, to see their “Work in Progress” Discovereum and was very impressed to see / hear the great work they are doing.

The underlying objective for this Children’s Interactive Museum is for kids of any age to be able to play in an environment in a way that they naturally learn about science, health and similar aspects of life. It is one of those arenas whereby parents are obliged to interact with their children. Moms will be able to spend a few hours with their pre-school kids or teenagers can go along to learn how to put together a car engine. There is a dinosaur standing in a sand pit where kids can search for small size feet – when found they can compare with a few samples to see which Dinasaur it is. Then there is the walk in Pyramid along with a Sphynx that they can jump on. What about the enlarged Human cell where they can see what a nucleus looks like.

Nozipo’s nephew, Wesley Maraire, (0 73 774 5983  is running  the place. They are looking for a few volunteers to help make things happen. This is a wonderful opportunity for bright or artistic teenagers who have just finished school and are looking for a great community project to become involved with whilst waiting to go to College later this year. Maybe you have something special to donate to this cause – like a Vintage Car, large tent, fire engine, aeroplane….

The Chiura’s are also looking for companies that can help promote conceptions – like a banking corner showing kids the practical history of money; or a supermarket chain that will have an area showing kids how healthy food is grown / selected; or an outdoor company with a camping / fishing section.

Discovereum has not officially opened yet but they are having bi monthly functions that will be entertaining for families – this Sunday afternoon there will be a “Mummy” wrapping fun day. Why not go along and see the possibilities for yourself.

I am definitely going to be there taking a few photos. C U There Mike G.

Directions: drive past Mukuvisi Woodlands entrance and follow the road for 2 km then turn first right after Transtobac and the building is on the right

Discovereum address: 18399 Hillside road Extension (past Mukuvisi Woodlands entrance), Msasa. Phone: 04 446900; Mobile: 0773591351.

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