Kariba Lake level information

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Kariba Lake level information


January lake figures taken from the latest ZRA readings (13/1/17)

Kariba lake level on 13/01/17 477.73
increase of 12 cm in 7 days.
Current river flows affecting the lake as at 09/01/17 as follows
Chavuma station, above Barotseland flood-plain 338 cu/m/sec
Ngonya station below Barotseland floodplain 528 “
Victoria Falls flow 670 “
Sanyati river in Kariba basin 99 “
The lake level appears, from the above figures, to have turned the corner at last and is now rising. It is interesting to note that Victoria Falls flow has increased substantially over the past month and is continuing to do so. This gives rise to hopes that there will be a substantial rise in the overall lake level this year. Of concern is the fact that the local rivers flowing into the lake below the Falls are contributing very little to the lake level so far. Rainfall in the Kariba and surrounding area has been very erratic with isolated storms being the norm. Having said this, the total rainfall has been good enough to give us a good growth of grass and bush resulting in lush vegetation.

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