Kariba River Flow

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Kariba River Flow

The hydrometric network used for the control and day to day operations of the Kariba reservoir comprise of thirteen stations where water levels are monitored daily.  Flow measurements are carried out at eight of these stations which include the Victoria Falls, one of the key stations on the Zambezi River.

Coincidentally, the maximum flow recorded at Victoria Falls was during the early construction phase of Kariba Dam in March 1958 at 10,000 cubic metres per second.  The lowest flows recorded to date at Victoria Falls were during the 1995/96 season which had an annual mean flow of 390 cubic metres per second, whereas the Long Term Mean Annual flow at Victoria Falls is 1,100 cubic metres per second.




Flows on the Zambezi River at Chavuma have taken long to respond to the rainfall situation with the flows being on the rising limb of the hydrograph. The end of week flow observed on 27th February 2017 is 1,259m3/s, while the flow observed last year on the same date was 2,472m3/s.


21 February 2017


27 February 2017

Date Flow(m3/s)
21/02/2017 868
22/02/2017 922
23/02/2017 943
24/02/2017 1004
25/02/2017 1076
26/02/2017 1154
27/02/2017 1259
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