Kariba road – Truck across the road

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Kariba road – Truck across the road

HI All

Driving up to Karoi yesterday and came around the corner just before 8 in the morning to be confronted by this just scene about 5km before the Dyke! The Truck has gone off the side of the road and then rolled as it tried to correct itself – the driver was apparently not hurt at all – nowhere to be seen though!

There was waterlogged ditches on either side but people persisted – first one laden bakkie found himself stuck on the left and then a fancy looking 4 * 4 tried the other side only to find its front wheels completely submersed in the “quicksand” type mud. Net result a major road block – but , as usual in Zim, people made a plan! I saw 2 other trucks lying on the side of the road during the remainder of my trip here.

One needs to be extra vigilant on this Kariba road. Hundreds of pot holes that everyone is dodging and then, when it rains, lots of slip sliding away.

Ciao Mike G.


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