Latest Readers Comments Pomoma Dump 15/11/16

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Latest Readers Comments Pomoma Dump 15/11/16

Dear Mike,


I loved the comment (Nikki Hinde) … the power IS in OUR hands.  The problem with Zimbabweans is that we moan and complain about anything and everything – always the victims – what rubbish!  We CAN do something about this in the future and not be pointing fingers at city council and everyone else.  Its not just an issue in Harare, its in ZIM as a whole – look at the elephants that have died as a result of our sheer laziness to recycle???


Why don’t we recycle?  Why do we all just throw our trash out and make it someone else’s problem.  I know I could certainly do better with this as I don’t have a recycle mentality because its too much effort.  We need to learn to recycle….


I know of only a few recycle drop off points, perhaps we need to be made aware of where we can drop off glass, plastic and paper and start playing our part!  I will be starting to recycle all my trash from now on as I don’t want to be a part of the problem.  Please can you assist by giving us info on recycling companies/facilities?





Hi Mike   Bentonite might be obtainable from G & W Minerals at Southerton.  They supply kaolin, feldspar etc to manufacturers.    I have on hand a small amount of Bentonite which I use in my glazes (I am a potter) which I would be willing to part with if someone is desperate.   I buy from a firm in Joburg but it just may be obtainable here.   By the way, how much would you mix – presumably in water – for a ‘glass’?  I think it would be fairly unpleasant to drink as it becomes gelatinous when mixed with water!   Pam Sheppard Tel : 0772 246385


This is an excellent blog for ideas.  This lady lived without trash for a year! Nix


Hi Mike, your reader below can get Bentonite from Colon Care Harare, contact numbers 339379 or 0772-322 086


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