Me & My Running Shoes

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Me & My Running Shoes

HI All,

Whenever I go travelling, whether it is for business or pleasure, I ensure that my running shoes and shorts are packed and ready for action.  One can always find time during one’s busy schedule for a quick jog – no need to drive either – and all done in less than an hour. When I am out running I generally go along out of the way paths and roads coming across sights and situations that one would never see from the comfort of one’s hired car or bus.

Last week I was fortunate enough to spend a week in Cape Town with my son who was back from Aus for his Varsity break. So on a couple of mornings I was up early running along the beach at Hout Bay. I went along the piers at Fisherman’s Wharf checking out the fishing trawlers coming in with their daily catch. I was fortunate enough to see quite a few seals lolling around the harbour. I believe that all dads should take their young sons sightseeing at one of the harbours in South Africa – gives the youngsters those sort of memories that they remember when they grow up and think of sailing the world.

One does of course, have to run along the water’s edge, when on the beach, where the sand is fairly compact. Cape Town is one of those seaside ports that can have extremely sandy, high speed winds the one day; then sunny and calm the next – it lived up to its reputation last week. I stopped alongside a Yoga class at the other end of the beach giving my version of a yogi headstand followed by a few Pilates exercises and “The Plank” – see Nzira Travel magazine for details.


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On a clear sunny day in Hout Bay one encounters all “the beautiful people” running or cycling especially now that The Argus Cycle Race and the Two Oceans Marathons are all coming up next month. The latter two have just been added to my bucket list for 2017.
Mike G.

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