Miracle Missions: Flies

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Miracle Missions: Flies

Thank you to Dylan for bringing this terrible problem of flies to all our attention!!!  We emailed our Mayor, Deputy Mayor and Donald Sakupwanya of City of Harare.


Yes, there is a fly nuisance at Pomona and Engineer Pfukwa has instructed that aerial spraying be carried out to abate the fly nuisance. Aerial spraying was carried out last week at Pomona and will be redone in 2 weeks. Fly traps have been put up at Pomona army barracks and refuse trucks are being sprayed daily at Pomona. The landfill equipment at Pomona is temporarily down but efforts are being made to get the dozers functional so that we cover the waste on a daily basis. I have also referred the complaint to Mr Chandisaita who is in charge of Pomona. Good day.   Don Sakupwanya.

With this problem affecting the whole of Harare, let us all find solutions and make a difference.    Non Toxic Fly Traps, Maggot Farming – Zonfa@powerconnect.co,zw; phone 077902040,  removing illegal dumping in our areas….”be the eyes watching” reporting residents who are illegally dumping their waste on city land….(photograph the culprits or their vehicles and forward to +263 4 770 339 (Toll Free) or email wmanagement4@gmaill.com  City Council have a great website where you can find all contacts for all departments.http://www.hararecity.co.zw/index.php/template-features/works/138-waste-management and they are on Facebook – they would like to hear from you!

Working together for a Cleaner, Greener and healthier Harare and Nation.

Kind regards

Sharon Hook

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