Mutare and Hillside Golf Course

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Mutare and Hillside Golf Course

HI All, Softrite still has an office in Mutare where we have quite a few faithful clients that have used our payroll software, Payrite (Adaski / Jacana) for many years. There are also several farmers utilising our systemalong the way to the Eastern Highlands. So, when Kevin Woodward asked me to come down to Mutare to evaluate the much improved condition of Hillside Golf course, I decided to combine business with pleasure.

On Wednesday I woke up early for a 40 minute run around the suburbs checking out the old clubhouse at Raylton where I learnt to play golf at 16. Another great golf course that has not lasted the ravages of time. Raylton always reminds me of the 4 Jacks and a Jill song – Close up shop Mister Nico, That’s what the big man said, Make way for concrete and steel And no one even cared

Kevin and I played 18 holes with Jono in the Wednesday afternoon sponsored game. The course is in very good condition and the greens have a complete covering of grass – some a little bouncy perhaps but I worked out that you just have to give a strong putt and the ball goes straight down the hole! The more open second 9 holes was, as always , the easier side for me. The back lower 9 were not so good with a few stray golf balls finding the dry long grass a little too often. Kevin assures me that they are about to start trimming the bush back for the cold winter months.

9th_green     trees_at_16      clubhouse_view

Kevin has been caddyingall over the world for over 20 years and has carried bags for several winners on the PGA including South African David Frost in the USA. Having decided to start retiring from the arduous golf circuit, Kevin has, uncannily, taken on the role of ‘manager’ of Hillside Golf Club – he told me that this is part of his effort to give back to the community in the city where he was schooled in the 1960’s – UBHS.

It was very pleasant to see that the locals are once again supporting their true home coursewith many folks coming down for a few drinks after work on Wednesdays. There are always such magnificent views of the surrounding hills when playing at Hillside. In the second half of the year one is presented with different tree colours every month- Reds and ochres from the Msasas in August/ Sept followed by the Jacarandas and then the Flamboyants – very pleasant to the eye of the beholder

Why not take your golf clubs down to Mutare next time you have business opportunities there – maybe sponsor a Wednesday club!- contact Kevin Woodward – 0778-416-028 for more details Ciao, Mike G.

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