Ndeipi Mutare and Kariba

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Ndeipi Mutare and Kariba

When did you last take your kids for a train ride? Petrus Erasmus (0772-388-449) & Andre Jacobs still operate their Miniature Trainon Glenara Avenue at 2.30 pm on the 3rd Sunday afternoon of every month (Opposite Runiville shops). Petrus tells me that they normally have between 20 and 50 kidsin an afternoon! You can take your own drinks and food down with a few other families and spend good quality time with your kids for very little cost. These guys have been doing this for many years and it is probably time for the next generation to fill their boots. Any takers?

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Ndeipi is now in it’s 7th year and is providing Harare residents with valuable information about what to do socially and culturally – make sure your big occasions for Julyare placed in Ndeipi.

In our July issue of Ndeipi we have decided to add in a separate page or two with events that are happening in Mutare and Kariba. We have found that once you start investigating there are normally quite a few occasions that are worth letting others know about so that they, too, can join the fun. For Mutare, this might be a golf tournament; the local aloe festival; or, a mountain bike race at Far & Wide.

Kariba is known for its great Tiger Fishing Competitions but did you know they have an annual 21km running race over the long Heroes weekend in August?

Many of the staff at Embassies and NGO’s in Harare like to pick up a copy of Ndeipi so that they can see where to go over a weekend away from home. So please contact our editor, Jaimee MacDonell, this morning to place your event for free! ndeipimag@gmail.com or 0772-354-177. If you have a product or service that you believe the people in Mutare or Kariba should know about then speak to Jaimee about placing an Advert in the July issue of Ndeipi

All happening now!

Mike G.

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