Nyanga Retreat

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Nyanga Retreat

HI All,

A few months ago I did something very different (for me) and drove up to Nyanga to experience one of Dave Sheehan’s “Nyanga Retreats”. Some of you might remember the email I sent out soon thereafter?

Dave was at university with me over 40 years ago and is someone that I cherish discussing all sorts of life meaning subjects with. At university this was done over a few beers but now, as we theoretically, have matured the conversations come closer to what we both believe in. The opinions expoused have, also, adjusted to how we have both ended up living our lives.

Dave is holding another retreat in a few week’s time and he has asked me to encourage as many of you to go along to share some of his wisdom – sans alcohol! If not why not? Mike G.

“It`s not how old you are, it`s how you are old.” ? Jules Renard


Finding Freedom from Difficult and Painful Mind States
Dates : Tuesday 13 – Sunday 18 December, 2016
Venue : Susurumba, Juliasdale, Nyanga
Course Presenter : Dave Sheehan

Stress, anxiety, despair, guilt, and depression – we all experience the pain of these powerful, uncomfortable and fear-inspiring mind states. Buddhism offers unique insights and techniques that help us to explore and understand emotional energy and patterns that give rise to these unwanted conditions within our minds. Ultimately, we can work with these states and discover the wisdom within them.

Join Dave on retreat in the peaceful, uplifting Susurumba set amongst the majestic granite kopjies of the Eastern Highlands. On this retreat we will learn how to practice the difficult – to access benefits of meditation. We will also undertake quiet contemplations and engage in discussions, based on guidance from timeless precious wisdom teachings kindly offered by Buddhist, Sufi and other pure spiritual traditions over the past 2500 years ago.
Suggested arrival: 2-4pm at start of retreat. Evening soup is at 6pm and will be followed by an Introductory Talk at 7pm
Finish time: 10am on Sunday of retreat

Shared rooms – $150
Single room – 50% surcharge
Camping – $100
Students – 25% discount on the above.

A financial contribution to the support staff at the end of the Retreat would be appreciated.

Please contact us if you have financial constraints – this should not be an obstacle to attending the retreat.

For more information on the retreat please contact Dave on zimsheehans@gmail.com .

Dave and Pam Sheehan 29 Swallow Hill | Borrowdale | Harare | Zimbabwe +263 (4) 861242

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