Of Tapas and Reps

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Of Tapas and Reps

HI All,

We went along to Bell’s coffee shop at Willowmead Junction last night. Proprietor, Shelly Miller, has a delightful Tapas evening there every Friday evening (6.30pm) with a different guitarist quietly playing in the background. Scrumptious Cuisine. Bells has a full liquor license and Shelly has a good selection of South African Wine. Kevin Hanssen was the entertainer last night so I took the opportunity to catch up with his latest exploits. Kevin is passionate about acting and is one of my favourite local actors. Kevin and 3 others are currently rehearsing for that well known play  “39 Steps” to be shown at Reps as a satire starting 2nd March.

The conversation quickly turned to what is happening at Reps. One of the underlying reasons for me starting up Bambazonke Nhasi some 15 years ago was to let all the ex-farmers moving in to Harare know about what possibilities there were for entertainment and sport. I was going to so many great shows at Reps where only 25% of the seats were occupied.

So, sitting listening Kevin playing his Saxophone last night, it occurred to me that Reps needs a facelift – modernisation of their theatre. Imagine for instance, that you could sit and enjoy Tapas with a glass of wine whilst watching top class theatre in an auditorium alongside your tables. One of the highlights of those travelling to London and Paris is to go to a few of their renowned shows: The Phantom of the Opera; Les Miserable; An American in Paris.  I would be interested to know some of your thoughts on what can be done to improve what is on offer at our leading Zimbabwe Theatre so that we, too, can have a world class opera house.

We are all born natural actors – watch any gathering of mums and 3 year old kids – they are all so precocious at that age showing off at every opportunity. And then they reach their inhibitive teenage years where they are continuously scorned by their peers. So they keep it all to themselves. We need to encourage our progeny to act more – the more entertainers the better

Ciao Mike G.


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