Old Mutual Fun Run

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Old Mutual Fun Run

HI All,

Today, at Old Georgians, HAC had their biggest ever local Run generously sponsored this year by the Old Mutual – over 600 entrants running and or walking – from the 5km team relays to the 10km (my limit today) with the 21km and 42 for those training for Comrades and Two Oceans.  A very well organised event with many team players helping “man” the water points, finishing results and turnings etc etc. Well done to HAC Chairman Martin Webster, Secretary Lynda Preston and their committee for a very successful day


The winning time for the Marathon was a respectable 2hours 20min by Portipher Dombojuma. The Marathon consisted of 4 loops of 10.5k on a very flat course. See the view – below left – that Sean Quinlan (Big Sky ) had of the lead runners sprinting towards the end of their 3rd Loop – Sean has only done 2 in the same time – obviously needs to read more of his cubby hole notes on how to improve one’s travel around Zim!


It is so good to see so many people now taking an active part in Running – there is always such a good vibe amongst the competitors – young and old. Why not come along to OGs one Friday after work – 5 for 5.30 start – and run 4 or 8km with people that you (hopefully) relate to – bring a change of clothing so that you can have a shower and a cold drink afterwards.

Ciao, Mike G.

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