Partial Eclipse

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Partial Eclipse

On 26 February there will be a deep partial eclipse visible from Harare.

Start of partial eclipse: 17:23

Maximum eclipse: 18:23

Obscuration at maximum: 73.7%

Sunset: 18:23

This will be a good opportunity to see a partially eclipsed sun setting (assuming that the western sky is clear in the hour before sunset).

Note: It is dangerous to look at a partially eclipsed sun – as dangerous as it is to look at the sun on a normal day. Do not look directly at the sun unless you are wearing proper eclipse glasses. Arc welding glass is also safe. Those who were at the Star Camp last year will remember how to safely project an image onto a piece of board using either a pin-hole, or binoculars mounted on a tripod or a telescope.

As the eclipse deepens, the spots in dappled shade will take on a crescent shape. Birds will sing their evening chorus and go to bed early and it will become noticeably cooler.

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