Police road blocks 1

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Police road blocks 1



I think the police must strategise and declare all-out war on commuter omnibuses and then maybe have the ODD properly-manned roadblock to pick up the guilty road offenders and conduct their duties like the BSAP did(!!!!!). Go well,  Stu Taylor. PS: Where are the guys who used to rob us (there were HOBOS of them!!). It’s gone from the sublime to the ridiculous.


I really do want to see proper policing and correct conduct on both parties on our roads…??   The fact of the matter is there is no RULE OF LAW…!! I DO very very many kilometres on My Beloved Zimbabwean roads and it Burns My Royal R. Ring that regardless of how very many of our road users are paying attention and doing what is Correct…!!! They still get hassled and Harassed.. Namely because of Culture..!!! Civil Servants are there to serve and Protect… !! Not to extort or let their brethren pass for because they are Brethren…..!!  No More to Corruption….!!!!! And Certainly No More To P.C B.S. It’s wrecking Our Civilized World…!!



Interesting to see how most of your readers feel about getting police roadblocks back. Unfortunately as little has changed in Zimbabwe since “the coup that wasn’t a coup” surely getting the appalling corrupt police back onto the roads will do little to improve the driving. I have heard that most of the combis are owned by the police anyway, and as nothing has been done by the new government to try and bring any of the corrupt officials to book why would the police come back and be any different to how they were before? The only reason they are not manning roadblocks is because there is no cash in Zimbabwe, so therefore there’s no money for bribes.I have also seen some dreadful driving by members of the general public, and there seems to be a complete lack of respect for anyone using our roads. There is no consideration for anyone, and very few manners. I suppose it stems from the example set by the government. So sad to see.


Road blocks were never a solution and police must NEVER again be allowed to handle cash at the roadside. What WOULD make a difference would be to equip a few of the police motorbikes with dash cams to act as highly mobile traffic units so that the real offenders can be prosecuted for dangerous driving (not going over an orange light the second it changes from green!) I am talking about driving on the wrong side of the road or creating new turning lanes to cut the queue, speeding through RED lights and creating extra turning lanes at robots and dangerous speeds (again, not a couple of km/h gauged by a rigged speed trap). We also need a properly enforced licensing system for the buses / combis where driver qualifications and vehicle safety standards are routinely checked and maintained (and please no more hwindis riding on that back L) Let’s please not call for roadblocks to return, but rather challenge our police force to come up with genuine solutions. JR


we don’t need roadblocks, we need undercover police in vehicles who deal with the robot jumpers, cycle path invaders, drivers who go against oncoming traffic and drivers who break various other rules i.e u turns on main roads, across lanes of traffic and let’s not forget all the parents who have their children in vehicles no seat belts on, and  the parents or family members talking on their cell phones or more so of late texting while doing the school runs, this seems to be the latest trend.


They don’t seem to care who notices them either as they  hold phones as big as their vehicles to their ears. I have followed bad drivers to their offices then you see an aggressive/ bad mannered driver shrink when you go direct to senior management. We should not shy away from having a go at such drivers.  The police need fines starting at $100 upwards , vehicles go into a pound till the fine is paid ,and whilst in the pound if the vehicle is deemed unroadworthy it does not leave till repaired. Enough is enough.


My daughter forwarded me your e-mail to Bambazonke regarding the dearth of police road blocks & the deteriorating standards of driving. Some months ago our relatives spent a few weeks in Zimbabwe & were completely shocked at what they saw on the roads. Although they had been driving for years (one for more than sixty years), they were reluctant to attempt it in Harare or the rest of the country & were very surprised that no action had been taken by the authorities.


Recently, my daughter collected me from a chemotherapy procedure & drove us along Josiah Tongogara to the intersection with Prince Edward Street. We were waiting for the lights to change so that we could proceed right when, long after they changed, two commuter buses charged through on the red. It was only by being extremely alert that an accident was averted. This would almost certainly have endangered my life in the passenger seat —- something that occurs with monotonous regularity to all of us. I contend that drivers who brazenly ignore the red robot are, in fact, deciding to risk manslaughter & they should be prosecuted for attempted manslaughter. Overtaking in the face of oncoming traffic & all the other illegal driving habits should be dealt with just as seriously.


If the police, re-trained of course, would do random checks at intersections  & catch these selfish lawless drivers, they should take them off the roads forthwith, confiscate their vehicles & prosecute them for the crimes committed. The carnage on the roads continues unabated & these dangerous drivers have no sense of responsibility & are incredibly rude, especially if reprimanded. Yours sincerely, S.M.K. Marlborough.


I was “privileged” to witness two “U turns” of note last year.  One was a very large yellow quarry dumpster (a lot in my area at the time) which did a “U turn” near OK Mart in the 5 p.m. traffic in the face of the 2 lanes of traffic coming from his left.  The other was the usual “U turn spot”.  They come down from Msasa and take the slip road into Chiremba near the lights.  They then go over 2 lanes of traffic on their right and at the end of the island they then proceed to turn right across 2 lanes coming from their left at any time of the day and prevalent at rush hour.  On this occasion I was stopped at the lights and watched a very long large fuel bowser doing just that.  I hoped it was empty.  Rosemary




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