Police Roadblocks 2

Mike Garden May 9, 2018 No Comments

Police Roadblocks 2

The problem is even when they were on the roads the police were more interested in the colour of you fire extinguishers and whether or not your shopping was correctly stowed.   If they had applied the rules of the road to all drivers then most people would not have complained.    But to harass a mother with children whilst ignoring the kombi driving down the wrong side of the road was what they  were doing.      So if they are back just to harass us then no – I do not want them back.   If they are going to do their job then maybe.    The problem then comes down to do we trust the police to do their job? Regards Ruth


Bottom line is the commuters are a law unto their own.  If you hoot at them or warn them of any danger they are causing on the roads and to their unsuspecting passengers (who have little other choice), one is threatened and sworn at.  They should have HEFTY road users fees and undertake licences annually.  The last week as been a ridiculous situation on the roads – lawless!  He who has the b*lls or the bigger car has right of way.  Not to mention the lorries that should not be on certain roads and blocking the flow of traffic.  FED UP


The police road blocks were not there to stop bad driving as much as to just collect money. If the police were to be professional it would be great to have them back on the roads – but at intersections and danger spots to curb bad driving. Speed trapping is also acceptable in line with good practice. The fact that the cops do not have sufficient vehicles to perform their function of ensuring safe driving should not be an issue as vehicles have registration numbers precisely for the purpose tracking down errant drivers by pursuing them through the Central Vehicle Registry. Also in this age of mobile phones every cop has a camera to collect evidence, the police just need to have strategies to use them effectively. Fines for reckless driving should be replaced with endorsement of drivers licences.   On the open road the police should employ unmarked cars as mobile speed traps to stop busses and lorries from speeding. So easy.   There is an increasing number of vehicles with defective lights, etc. All that is needed to curb this is road blocks every now and then lasting a couple of hours only as a deterrent, not harassment.  Regards  Alan McCormick


I work in New Ardbennie and take a chance every day on which way to get there from Alex Park.  All the routes have congestion problems.  While I sit in the fouled up traffic the following thought come to mind – How can such a generally calm and accepting people stand in queues for hours but as soon as they get behind a steering wheel they have to be the ones at the front of the line?  This is what causes all the problems with the traffic – no one wants to give way and show any manners and if they keep pushing those that care about their lives and keeping their car in one piece will get out of the way.  As many have said – Road blocks do not help and traffic will just change their routes to avoid them.  Having Police at the intersections to fine those who cross the lines – use turning lanes as straight lanes etc. would help but would also cause more congestion if they are not pulled off the road out of the way of other drivers.  However, I would like to say that the lights at Samora Machel by the show grounds were out  the other day.  And there in the middle of the intersection was a Police officer in a bright orange high Vis suit – the traffic could see him and were obeying his commands.  We need more of these high Vis officers in intersections and then maybe the traffic would be aware of them and behave in a better way. – JD


I agree – we don’t need those horrendous road blocks back!!   Two road blocks per 5km – 10km of road strip.  No thanks.  They never fined for bad driving anyway.   Each person should be the change they wish to see.


My challenge is that even when we had the police they were not policing, but extorting money from law abiding motorists! If we do have police they must be a new breed.   Controlling traffic at non functioning traffic lights and properly attending to policing issues, in a period of a month I have witnessed two accidents on Crowhill and Borrowdale roads may be a  Kilo from the police  station and it takes hours for a reaction to come from the police . Yes people are driving badly  with combies topping the list , but the police have not done Much about it, even when they were there.  Florence



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