Police RoadBlocks 3

Mike Garden May 9, 2018 1 Comment

Police RoadBlocks 3

In response to your question about the police, the answer lies in the middle. The police situation went from a campaign of intimidation and extortion pre-November, to nothing at all. The resulting anarchy on the roads speaks for itself. It’s not that the populace is fickle in wanting the police back. It’s that they would like – and have a right to – a sensible and properly functional police force to maintain a stable and peaceful society. The duties of a ‘proper’ police force (Pre Lege, Pro Populi, Pro Patria) are maintenance of public order, prevention, investigation and detection of crime, the protection of life, liberty and property of the people. Without police chaos ensues and life becomes dangerous. Police should provide the necessary checks and balances against the excesses and ambivalence of human society and should provide an important role in the administration of justice and decency.


I have watched the police at various horror areas including by the tobacco floors in willowvale and they are plain scared of the taxis both small and kombies. Bring in army or MP s .mike


No police because once they are back they will start asking for bribes. Lesson from the few roadblocks in major highways. Makombi arikungosiya ma2 dollars wani.  Nonetheless, chaos reigned even during police presents.  No to police pliz


I commute into the Industrial sites from the Northern suburbs & like everyone else  was subjected to harassment  by the so called Traffic police on a daily basis . I cannot believe  that anyone would welcome the  return of that reign of terror !!!


I along with many others saw commuter bus drivers paying over cash to police details obviously at arranged locations  on daily basis which paid for their “  licence” to continue driving wrecklessly  for the day .

I do not know how anyone would think that things will be any different now  once these characters are  returned to the streets . Perhaps an entirely new traffic section should be  created  ??  I along with many others have long since  lost confidence & respect for the ZRP !

Having said that I am  impressed with the much improved discipline of the  Cavalcade outriders . I wonder if they were retrained or if they are new ? Thank goodness those  previous rude aggressive  riders have gone  &  we are not subjected to those awful sirens needlessly !!!                                                                                                                                   Just another   road user !!!


The police (on the motorbike) are back on the corner of Luna/Crowhill roads stopping the kombis but paying no attention to the speeding motorists racing each other along Crowhill.


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