Pomona Dump Readers Comments 09/11/2016

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Pomona Dump Readers Comments 09/11/2016

This event is truly a tragedy in terms of its effect on the environment and it’s far reaching consequences are yet to be discovered. Maybe it is a good time for the Mayor and the Minister of Environment to look into recycling and it’s value as this is something we lack! How often do we see bins overflowing with trash or broken. A decent recycling system should be put in place by the powers at be and maybe now they will realize the importance of it and the sad consequence of their neglect in this area. Regards Belinda


I wondered if we might have some putting together of information from the public – as to all and any recycling operations within Zimbabwe and exactly what each deals in.

If people knew of others recycling plastic / cans / etc – I am sure we would be more vigilant as to our disposal practices.


Was hoping that the tiny rain shower which we had early evening might reach Pomona. Could one possibly fire a rocket into cloud above it, to bring on a rain shower over the dump, as has been the practice of some farmers in the past? Huge respect and appreciation for the wow special people who have volunteered themselves to stop the fire amidst fumes – just incredible. x


Hi there, the firemen are so brave and no doubt will be suffering with this massive dangerous job. Is there a way we could get a monetary reward/tip to them. I’m sure there are many people wanting to contribute and say thank-you.


What is needed is a company specialising in Hazard management. I am not sure if we have any such companies here but perhaps Enviroserve in SA could assist. The guys putting the fires out need breathing apparatus not masks. The masks don’t protect them at all.


The municipal officials at the dump charge the people sifting through the rubbish and who live on site $5 per day for this “privilege”. Hence the sensitivity to photographs being taken.


Hi I have read Lauren’s feedback on the dumpsite. Just a thought can we not have huge dumpsters that have labels on them e.g GLASS, PAPER, etc. The grading of waste is therefore made easy. Just a thought could we not do this here and prevent what is happening now? These could be put in certain central points for easy access.


Dear Mike, Not that our so called “Authorities” give a single hoot if anybody gets poisoned and dies, it is now a State problem and help should be sought in the form of a foam dumping aircraft from maybe South Africa? USA? I live in Bluffhill and this morning we got a full dose of toxic fumes.

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