Pomona Dump Readers Comments

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Pomona Dump Readers Comments

Typical symptoms suggest evacuate especially children under 10 and breastfeeding. Should recover once away. Take a glass of bentonite to remove toxins ingested. Dioxins are some of the toxins and these can have serious long term and bio accumulate up the food chain e.g eggs.


Do we have the capability to air bomb with water or other non toxic chemical fire retardants?


Has anyone considered dropping dynamite on the fire? Unproven in practice but theoretically that should displace the oxygen and that way starve the fire. Regards, Will.


Hi Mike, I am not sure we have people here with the expertise to handle this situation, so perhaps someone (like the mayor) could write an appeal to the foreign embassies to ask for their assistance. Time is of the essence and I feel we should ask for expert advice and I am sure some of our foreign diplomats have experts in their country who can provide relevant info.


A lot can be done there and as they say a stitch in time saves nine. As usual year in year out this happens every year and no effort is ever made to avert it. I sell fire trucks City of Harare cant be bothered to buy proper fire trucks and prepare for this type of problem by purchasing proper equipment that works instead they complain of no money and wait to de donated old antiquated equipment.

The council should be running aggressive educational campaigns to get everyone separating their waste into reusable waste and bad waste etc. There should be a specia place for plastic waste away from all the other waste. We should go back to using brown shopping bags instead of plastic bags. Plastic bags are useless anyway they just break all the time . shops should let us use their boxes for our groceries. Our whole country needs to get more educated and involved in recycling waste and all the processes that are available. I am sure all of us would love to get ourselves organised in separating all our waste at home into specific bins. Also all the plastic containers where can we hand them in instead of just wasting them by throwing them in the dustbin.


What a horrendous environmental and health disaster. Didn’t EMA try and do something a couple of years back when same thing happened? I had heard that people had given earthmoving equipment? Perhaps worth a try to contact those companies? There was one ancient old fire engine blocking the road near the Barracks on Sunday lunchtime and two firemen! Debbie


Mike, not sure if there is any “fire retardant” available that can be put into crop spraying aircraft but, apart from that, the combustion is probably so deep it will require tens of thousands of liters of precious water to try to smother it. Regards, Dave


In Vainona (near the dump site) my wife and I, who have no borehole, have now suffered for over 10 years of no municipal water. I was put on a list in Mount Pleasant and they did nothing. Therefore as a community, we are not exactly in a position to pour millions of extra gallons of water onto this “out of control” fire, seeing water is as critical as gold, and we have no rains yet. Has the mayor organised the building of fire breaks around the fire to stop it spreading? Can they not put it out by dumping soil on it? (just a suggestion, and probably not a very good one) Best regards, Steven Tennett


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