Pomona Dump for for thought

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Pomona Dump for for thought

Excellent , & food for thought. A few years I went to a lovely Hill station in Southern India & was very surprised to see signs everywhere stating “No Plastic “. In fact there is a fine for anyone seen dropping plastic anywhere. All shops use recycled paper bags. We can learn a lot from today’s India in many other ways too – their fight against corruption (slow but steady) – yet the fastest growing economy in the world. NK


This is brilliantly written and makes so much sense. Recently in France, expanded polystyrene take away containers were banned. They now have to use cardboard/paper bags which is s whole lot better for the environment. We should take heed here. Dr R Cowper.

What a sensible response from Nikki Hindle and how right she is that we are all responsible in part for the dump disaster. We all expect to have access to clean air and clean water but It is far too easy to get the worker to put out piles of plastic rubbish to be collected every week and not give it another thought. Hopefully one day this country will go as far as Rwanda has done and ban plastic bags and polystyrene food containers. We could start now at all of the fairs. The culture of environmental awareness must begin from pre-school level upwards with ways to avoid purchase of plastics, as well as recycling and reuse. Isla


I understand and agree with what is being said. We do have to all wake up and realise what we are doing. I separate as much as I can. Egg trays and boxes, meat and veg trays are washed and cereal boxes are all collected and given to my Grandsons nursery school. Plastic bottles are rinsed and passed on to either someone who recycles them or passed on to the school. Milk cartons and other boxes are kept on one side and then disposed of. I have somewhere to take them but some dont. What would someone do with these trays and containers.

If they do not know what to do with them. Perhaps some guidance could be given to us all.


A lot has been said about what happened who/how the fire started but if the truth be told it should never had started in the first place if the waste management personal had been doing there job correctly. Just a few weeks ago there was a massive cleanup done at the sites boundaries as the normal residents had seen a disaster in the making. So why was it allowed to get to this state we were told after the last fire, the dump will be move “still waiting” so I see this happening again once the fire is out and the smoke has stopped we will all forget again and we will wait for the next fire.

Right now the whole waste management team should be fired without fail as well a full investigation instituted .PAUL


We live about a 5 minute walk from Pomona food court. Just about the right amount of time to eat your lunch purchased there. Then it is so easy just to toss the plastic bottle and expanded polystyrene container on our outside verge and walk on! I can’t tell you the number of wasted hours my gardener spends in tidying up this mess. Maybe there should be stricter litter laws! CharlieC


Those fire tenders are brave men and need commendation. I am glad there is a Plan for the donations, people were just milling around this morning. Best wishes.


To follow on from the Pomona chats – why can’t plastic bags be banned in Zimbabwe supermarkets… the same as it is in quite a few other countries – the difference to our land fill dumps and not to mention the pollution will be massive.


Mike, please note that Val at Strathaven Pharmacy has delivered masks and bottled water to the people fighting the Pomona Fire.


I was just reading all the comments about the Pomona disaster and have to say – how do we train the majority of the people that live in this Country to separate their waste; obviously only a minority do make an effort to do this. It appears that a lot of people make a living out of waste within the Pomona dump – my question is why are these people allowed to live there? Unfortunately this Country thrives on bribery & corruption at all levels adding to this devastating problem. How very sad that this has happened yet again – and for all the people who live close to the Dump. Just another crack in the Management of the Pomona Dump! Linda


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