Pomona Dump-yet more comments

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Pomona Dump-yet more comments

Just a thought..not only has the pomona fire caused pollution and untold health issues, but where is all our rubbish being ‘dumped’ over the next few weeks? No one can get near the pomona dump so where is our rubbish going?
Recycling is such a good idea but what happens to the separated waste when it gets to the dump – doesn’t it all just get lumped/thrown together anyway. Such a shame.
I have to respond to this. The separated waste should not get to the dump – that is the whole idea. It is either collected by interested service providers like myself from your house/business premises or you take it to places who receive recyclables. There are many of us who earn a living from recyclables. Our stuff does not just get lumped together and most certainly is not thrown away!
Helen Davidson Refuse Collection Services Phone: 0772 320 246
The reason why the fire has taken place is that normal procedure was not followed, which is that each day’s tipping should be covered with inert material such as builder’s rubble, power station ash or soil.
It will be difficult to find enough water to extinguish the fire which is probably burning at depth within the waste pile. What is needed now is to smother the fire by tipping inert material onto it.
Burning waste produces dioxins, which are not nice substances. I would be particularly concerned for the health of those trying to extinguish the fire but also for those living downwind or driving through the smoke. The World Health Organisation has a nice summary of health effects, follow this link: http://www.who.int/mediacentre/factsheets/fs225/en/
For more detailed information look at the Wikipedia article: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Polychlorinated_dibenzodioxins Regards Peter Morris
My partner is a crop sprayer and he says there is no crop spraying air craft big enough in this country to combat the fire at Pomona Dump. He said, furthermore to make it effective, you would need at least 3 planes, and the chemical binding agent. The binding agent is needed to hold the water molecules together otherwise it just turns to mist and it becomes ineffective. He sprayed for flies at the dump earlier this year and there are some nasty obstacles to avoid and the smoke is very toxic.
May I make an observation here… although somewhat educated in the environmental and conservation field, I am nowhere near an expert, so any corrections are welcome.

The area where the smoke is most concentrated and the area which most of it and the associated pollutants will settle in, is the vlei area which runs next to Harare drive and into ART Farm, and the surrounding areas nearby. This area is a seasonal wet land, correct me if I am wrong, but as far as my knowledge goes, this is a catchment area and forms the headlands of the Gwebi River, which runs into Lake Manyame, the largest source of drinking water for Harare. So although the air pollution is bad, just imagine, the water and soil pollution that is to follow! Even if the filtration/purification methods that are used are supposed to remove these pollutants, imagine the extra cost of that extra purification.

Leaching into groundwater is an issue , yes, although it is already an issue when you have a landfill site anyway, especially with our ‘high’ rainfall season…. But, just imagine the scale of pollution and its reach when considering that it is going to be in a running course of water…… ? Kind regards, Amy.
In the meantime of course, the wind is blowing these noxious fumes through many residential areas. What is the Minister of Environment doing about this in advising the Public to be equipped. It is toxic and a health hazard and anywhere in the World, this requires public education and consideration of toxic fumes? Please advise.
My husband called EMA (Environmental Management Authority) about the Dump. They are quick to fine us when we do something environmentally wrong. He says they will investigate today, but I just wonder who will be fined or be responsible for this? His number is 0712334486 Mr Mukuswa. He is charge of Harare Waste and Dump sites.

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