Pot hole repairers

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Pot hole repairers

Morning Mike

A few months ago you had a discussion on the pothole repairers. The consensus seemed to be don’t pay them. They all but seemed to have stopped, presumably because they did not gain anything after that. Since, I have been taking note of all the successfully brick filled potholes and the huge unfilled and decidedly dangerous ones. There are heaps of correctly filled potholes and I just marvel at that. Imagine if none of them had been repaired – it would be almost impossible to drive on our roads today.
Sure there were some thugs at the end of last year but there are also the genuine guys. I have been asking them and it seems that virtually no-one hands out anything to them, and then only minimal value coins. Can I suggest that those so inclined carry say $1 in coins a day and dish them out to guys doing a good job, and stop and complain to those who are not. Maybe then our roads will be passable and safer when the next rains come. At the moment I feel it is dangerous to drive in the rain as you never know when you are going through a puddle or when it is a dangerous pothole. The cost to your suspension and tyres, let alone an accident, is far outweighed by dishing our a few coins or a dollar to these guys.

Have a great day
Alan McCormick

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