Pothole repairers comments 1

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Pothole repairers comments 1

I absolutely agree with this, there was a huge crater turning into Churchill from Upper East, this caused traffic jams every morning, today traffic was flowing smoothly and all because someone had taken the time and effort to fill it up with bricks, unfortunately I didn’t have money ready to pass him and couldnt pull over. If he is still there on my way home I will certainly give him a tip. Regards Nicole
Fair point but ‘the road to Hell is paved with good intentions’.
I totally agree with the guy who advocates giving a small donation to those pothole repairers who have genuinely bricked in potholes esp. on main roads and who have tried to do a good job, e.g. on Gunhill. Annette
I’ve been giving them food and this has really made some of their days. Apples, oranges anything that is in season.
Looking at the Exhall Bridge, im sure it can be stabilized from further rain damage by planting Vetiver grass.
The road from Beit Bridge to Chirundu is in a dreadful state. There has been lots of talk about turning the road into a dual highway but very sadly no action. It is the major route linking South to the North hence all the heavy traffic which the present road was not designed for. I agree with the comment about getting the railways working. The state of the road is badly affecting tourism in Kariba, Mana Pools, just to mention a few. One wonders where all the toll money goes to. Rose. Frustrated traveler.
Quite a brilliant suggestion, it needs to be implemented. SOAZ could take the lead in the interest of tourists. Regards Tawanda
Hi Mike – changing the subject a bit from Trucks on the Kariba Road – what about general traffic on Harare roads? The roads are in a terrible state and not getting any better – yet nothing is done about even trying to maintain the roads and there is no outcry from the public. Newspapers report the vast monies being spent on new vehicles for MP’s, exorbitant salaries paid to council top brass – while roads continue to deteriorate daily. Why are we paying license fees and road tolls? There is a saying to the effect – “The way for evil to prosper is for good men to remain silent.” I am finding it very hard to remain silent. JW
Regarding turning on your vehicle lights: many of the ‘new crop’ of drivers have bribed to get their licences, so they are not particularly interested in the driving laws of Zimbabwe; but it is law for you to have your lights on from 6.00pm to 6.00am., never mind times of bad visibility. The driving instructors, especially at this time of the year, should be advising their ‘students’ about light usage. If the instructor isn’t interested how is the student going to know? Many drivers out of plain ignorance think that by turning on the car lights even whilst the engine is on, they are draining the battery!!. That’s why so many don’t turn them on. Finn

Editor’s Note: what about if we all said that at 11am next Saturday 4th February we all go out onto the road where we live and fix the potholes ourselves as this first comment suggests? We could have the Mayor, a few councilors and Foreign ambassadors alongside – all in for the Photo- shoot for the local newspapers? Mike G
Just a thought for motivation, Perhaps we could all take an hour or so out of our busy schedules, (perhaps on a Saturday morning), and do a community service with a bucket of (rubble, bricks, cement, or even tar….) and perhaps make use of our hired help, and go and full one or two potholes ourselves….imagine if everyone did this.. Regards
Re Pliz Help road fixers…….I will not hand money to these touts who are obstructing traffic , begging , and digging up what is left of the tarred roads. All illegal activities…where are the police ? Lyn
Another point is to take “ownership” of the portion of road or street by your gate. If every householder put some rubble into a pothole or two, this would make an enormous difference. The pothole repairers cannot possibly cover the whole city and it is probably not worth their while to bother with the lesser used suburban back roads. The problem is that everyone says, “The potholes are not my fault, therefore it’s not my problem, and I can’t be bothered to be proactive!” Kind regards Hans Christen
Agree whole-heartedly. There are a lot of chancers out there who throw a bit of mud into the hole and then ask for money. There is, however, one guy in my area who actually does a very good job. His repairs last far longer than the road itself. I know who he is and give him something when I can.
The problem with some of the rogue “pliz help” guys is that they simply remove bricks from a repaired pothole and then take all day putting them back again.
hi Mike maybe they Gov should get guys from jail and make road work gangs,
Thank you for your email to Mike regarding Pothole repairers and I totally agree with you that some of these guys are doing an excellent job repairing potholes and protecting our tyres and wheels. When you see someone genuinely doing good work, each motorist should have $1 or a few coins to give him, to show appreciation. Of course, its not possible to look after them all, but sometimes contributing to a deserving guy is a top investment in your cars. Our guy in Chisipite is presently repairing large potholes on Drew rd, then onto Kambanji drive, Marley drive, Maranzi drive and, if people show appreciation, he will eagerly repair all the roads in Chisipite, then Highlands, then Borrowdale and everywhere ! Thank you for drawing our attention to our pothole repairers who are doing a very important job for us all. Happy driving Arlette Schonrock
On the issue of potholes, I suggest those motorists who care enough donate some bricks and fill up the potholes themselves. People could team up and find a particular spot to work on, for example the potholes on Herbert Chitepo and Enterprise road are nasty. If more people do this on a daily basis, then it would save all of us time (negotiating the potholes) and money (vehicle repairs) and of course the frustration potholes bring. Thanks Yvonne
I understand why some drivers felt the voluntary pothole menders are a nuisance, but I’ve been so grateful for their efforts on many occasions. I can’t afford to dish out a dollar every time but i carry packets of peanut biscuits in my car to dish out to those I feel have a need, including the pot-holers, in appreciative recognition. They are always grateful.Times are tough for everyone, even those with initiative. Just adding my two bits .Jenny

I think it’s very out of order to suggest we take our time on a saturday and sunday to fix the government roads ourselves. We all paying our taxes and tolls and such; if anything we should hold a protest to draw attention to it, kicking up a fuss with the council and government. I’d rather protest and shout about the roads and ask for some kind of accountability and clarity regarding our taxes and road toll fees and money – where is it all going? Yes the government is broke – but use the money we pay for tolls to actually fix the roads. Why do we pay for the tolls, and then pay for cement or bricks to then fix the roads. Either do away with tolls or actually draw attention to it all and have the government do something about it.
Zimbabweans are cowards – they all whinge about issues but when it comes time to stand up for their rights and fight they don’t. If this was happening in South Africa people there would be riots but zimbabweans are scared of tear gas and backlash from the police. How many police or army people are there out there compared to citizens of zimbabwe. stand up for once and stop ‘making a plan’. it’s because we are always making a plan that we are in this mess. enough is enough

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