Reader’s Comment: Flies

Staff Writer October 5, 2016 No Comments

Reader’s Comment: Flies

I would like to start a discussion on how bad the flies are at the moment in certain parts of Harare.  We live in Vainona and to be honest, I have never seen so many flies in my life !!  Our best efforts to control the flies are proving to be futile as there are simply too many of them.  As far as I know, the likely causes are backyard chicken farming, the Pomona dump site (which is not far away) and general lack of spraying and care on these issues by city of Harare.  I often frown at some of the readers comments that come out, simply because we all know deep down that, as the public, certain things are actually NOT within our control, and we might as well just grin and bear it because it`s not likely they are going to change anytime soon !!  Having said that, I am keen to know from everyone, what options there might be (other than localised efforts to control them) to try and make a change and get this fly epidemic under control.



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