Reader’s Comment: Ketogenic Diet

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Reader’s Comment: Ketogenic Diet

Hi Mike,

My daughter forwarded the above as I started Atkins 9 days ago.  This might be interesting to other readers.

I am in my 70thyear and for a couple of years now have experienced chronic lower backache, general aches and pains which I thought was due to my age, joint pains, lack of energy, and lethargy during the day, then unable to sleep at night.  I also gained a terrific amount of weight which was unacceptable as I became depressed and lacking in self-esteem. I had to hoist myself up from a sitting position as I had no strength to get up normally.   I decided at Christmas that I would see the doctor as I was experiencing palpitations and was scared in case I was going to have a heart attack.  I was reluctant to pay a doctor’s fee, so I got out  my Atkins book and determined to read it  again.  I didn’t know my weight but my clothes were feeling tight.

I started Atkins on New Year’s Eve and am now on my 9thday of the Induction phase.  I have cut out all sugar and anything sweet, wheat, potatoes, in fact any foods high in carbohydrates.  Nine days later I am in a stage of Ketosis.  All my aches and pains have disappeared.  My lower back-pain is considerably very much better.  My energy level has increased and I can get up normally.  I am sleeping normally and feel so much better in every way.  Plus, my clothes are beginning to feel loose.

People who are feeling like I did, may wish to look at doing a Ketogenic diet as it really does work.  It proves that a wrong diet of carbohydrates will make you ill.

This might just help someone.



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