Readers’ Comments 09/11/2016

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Readers’ Comments 09/11/2016

Acricarpis … the Kenya Coffee shade tree is pool enemy number one. The pods exude an oil and as stated turn clear pools into murky and very challenging to clear green almost instantly. Aside of this they have very much a surface root system and will lift paths , driveways, garden walls and paved areas in a heartbeat. Frankly I recommend removal and replacement with indigenous trees such as Acacias or Albizzia or similar which are fast growing and have a small but little dropped leaf, a much less invasive root system and do not assist in getting your pool to match your lawn colour overnight.

Treeman Bulawayo


Wow, what is DSTV coming to? Switched on the box this morning to try and catch the SA vs Aus test match and channel 222 is not broadcasting the series so looks like no more cricket for us, or selected only for us. One of the few reasons why we pay so much for this ever decreasing selection of rubbish and now gone. Also just spoken to Multichoice and they said only SA have the got the broadcasting rights????


SPCA – this is the most heartbreaking article I have ever read – can the SPCA not appeal to overseas groups – the RSPCA of Great Britain is an immensely wealthy organization because the British are very charity minded and even the pensioners give to animals – will they not help us out? Surely as a society we cannot allow the SPCA to close? Susie


Has anyone really taken the time to watch these PLIZ HELP, well I have. They will place themselves and their tools plus bricks at one pot hole. If existing bricks are there they will remove. They will then proceed to clean hole place a few bricks in, then stand up when a vehicle approaches them. If lucky enough to get a tip they will then remove the bricks or two and start again. This procedure goes on all day and they never ever complete filling a hole. It’s a matter of place 2 bricks remove 2 bricks digger hole stand up sit down beg and so on and so on. Sue


Rossanne I had the same thing happen to my pool but have had previous experience in dealing with this pod. Firstly ensure that all pods are removed from the pool and surrounding areas. Give pool a good brushing and backwash. If using one of the chemicals (B 52) re dose, no need to empty continue to brush and remove all leaves it will take a few days to recover. These pods also stain clothes. Cheers Sue


Good things are still possible in Zim! Swedish Embassy n British Council have poured huge amounts of money into a comprehensive overhaul of the Harare City Library. Apparently it looks wonderful!

Suggest all folk commenting on ‘Speed Guns, Road Blocks & the like’ join Facebook Dear ZRP where they will find accurate & informed information on website!……………..

The flies are even worse in Vainona now and I cannot imagine what they will be like when it eventually starts raining!!? What a shame that we have such an unnecessary “out of control” epidemic and TOTAL mismanagement of places like the Pomona dumps. With litter strewn all over the roadsides and trash lining the Rubbish truck’s paths, way before they even get there, Sharon Hook, we appreciate your efforts, but it’s going to need more than a miracle at this stage !!


Pliz help signs – we too had a big problem with a guy in Greendale. I approached Highlands police station and they were very helpful in moving him on. He came back after 2 weeks and I went back to the station and fetched an officer who gladly removed him again.

(see small attachment): A timely reminder for those selfish neighbours who do not realise that the over-use of our ground water affects us all. Enjoy the dry season and plant gardens that do not need lots of water!


So many people r now saying that their borehole has just run dry …Underground water ” RESERVES ” r not infinite …Now very serious Kindest Regards Graham


PLIZ HELP…. digging up of the road and leaving bricks obstructing traffic should be illegal. Near Chizi school and along Montgomery Rd are two common target spots. Do the same

Police Officers harassing motorists near by not see this ? Lin


I couldn’t agree more about the PLIZ HELP men. They make the road 10 times worse all the time. And they are a hazard on the road. There are a group that do the corner on Addington Lane just by Ballantyne Park and they are always there during the times when we go and pick up our kids from St Johns – because they know that is when the most cars go down that road and they hope to get money. It is so dangerous having them there in the middle of the road and more often than not there are more and deeper holes in the road the next day. Please can they be removed from ALL roads. They are not helping us or our roads at all. Debbie


SPCA This latest email is just too awful. Is there not any way any outside international animal type organization could assist with funds? Rosemary

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