Readers’ comments 10/11/2016

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Readers’ comments 10/11/2016

Are your readers aware that not only is the SPCA under threat of closure but also the Friend Foundation as well. To add to all these woes I understand that the voluntary service “Meals on Wheels” is also closing down operations. Is this a sign of the desperate financial times we are now living in, is it that too many people have emigrated. When are the newly emancipated going to get stuck in to charitable works? Look in the kennels at the SPCA; there are virtually no dogs there of recognizable breeds???


On the subject of South African universities. I have no sympathy for the students. No where in the world is tertiary education free and even primary and secondary is not free in Zimbabwe. I think its abysmal how the students have vandalised the building etc. My brothers res in Pietermaritzburg burnt to the ground. Who in their right mind will give money to rebuild these destroyed places. Companies cant bond students by offering to pay for their degrees as no company would risk it. Companies will only take on people after degrees are completed.Uk and Australian unis are about 22 to 30 000 dollars and pounds per annum. And now these last few years of students have spoilt it for every other person wanting to go to those unis. My sons just left school and not one person we know is even interested in going to these universities. There was a brilliant post on fb a few wks back. saying ” these students are not getting a phd but a destruction degree”. Rightly pointed out.


My second subject is everyone is struggling and cash strapped and under huge financial stress understandably. But would any companies not be able to sponsor SPCA with just a bit each. I see SPCA vans collecting meat at various kind butchers and am sure there are some very kind companies already donating dog meal, fuel etc. Mind you companies are also in dire times. Just that we ll all suffer the consequence when it shuts of rabies etc becoming prolific. Its so sad and those poor poor staff have a torrid day each and every day of the week .Its a pity that some of the numerous fancy shopping centres couldn’t help out when they maybe are getting a fortune in rental income. “Concerned ”


My wife and I are about to return to Zimbabwe by car via Beit Bridge at the end of the month, Nov 2016 after some five months away. Are there any readers out there who have recently done the same and what can they tell us with regard to duty free allowances etc.? Has it been cancelled or reduced (increased !!!) or whatever ? What does the latest statute allow a returning resident to bring back into Zim and what is banned? Can any one advise us? We usually bring back various groceries for our own consumption. Recently you had various comments from readers regarding the Bridge and our experience has shown us to avoid holiday weekends and pre-Christmas crossings (can be up to 2 weeks before). We usually try to arrive there at about 7.30 – 8.00 am, after the early morning rush has subsided and aim for Tuesdays, Wednesdays or Thursdays if its any help to others. I must also admit that our grey hair probably assists – it helps to be addressed as “Madala”. Thanks, Brian


Time to stir up a hornets nest.. Surely we can’t accept that we now can’t even watch the S.A / Australia cricket test currently being played in Perth. It’s on Supersport Two and is for SA viewers only !! We can however choose from about ten football channels to keep us happy !! We already have to put up with the never ending repeats on the leisure channels, which we do, because the sports coverage has been good enough.. That is until now !! We are told that Australia will only allow broadcast to SA viewers !! Me thinks not. Surely you get what you pay for !!! We certainly aren’t getting what we pay for !! Your thoughts ? Best, Geoff.


SPCA: I wish this desperate situation had been brought to the Harare residents/businesses attention sooner. HAS EVERYONE FORGOTTEN RABIES? This constant unabated breeding is a terrible thing. Despite what is being said there is a lot of Dollar out there. I am the guardian of 6 cats and 2 dogs and have a lot on my plate. I have called the SPCA on many occasions reporting animal cruelty around my immediate area. Some very shocking cases. I was onto them only on Friday and Saturday over a dog I saw. The dogs are wandering around starving and thirsty (the females with breasts hanging, puppies where?) and are usually TURNED OUT of their “homes” in the day to forage for food. What food? So wicked. I once drove a dog to the SPCA that had been run down on Chiremba Road. He was just near the road and sitting head up but on his death bed. I could not leave him there.

Did anyone come forth with WATER TANKS? Surely these water tank companies could each donate a few tanks? Water delivery companies: surely some could donate deliveries in bulk. To read that SPCA is possibly on the brink of closure is like being told that I have a terminal disease. I am shocked and horrified.

I live not far from them. In January I collected 2 kennel hands from there. They got my two female dogs (who are big and very strong and run like the wind) into the back of my truck (with canopy). We took them to the SPCA for spaying. A few days later they helped me bring them home. Then on the Sunday when I thought one had pulled her stitches out and possibly the other, I collected a kennel hand and we set off for SPCA again. Turned out all was OK. The dogs absolutely REFUSED to get into my truck without treats and even then I had to lift one, and she was almost too heavy then, and then jumped straight out. If I tried to open the tail gate they jumped before I could get it down, hitting my leg. I RESCUED them from next door. The girls were brought there last year. I kept going to the fence and asking are they OK, are they being fed. He who brought them kept disappearing for days on end. They had no proper water and were given scraps sometimes. No one cared less. Once they got into my garden. Then they kept going into the road and up the road as the gate would not shut. He had been walking to Queensdale with them from young, just trotting along, no leads. So they refuse to go on leads. I tried many times. I got them at about over 5 months and without the SPCA, I really do not know what I would have done. This closure cannot be allowed to happen. Rosemary


SPCA. Very sad to hear they may be closing. I feel more collections need to be made. A donation trolley at the Supermarkets may help, this is done in SA, why can it not be done here. Possibly a Facebook page needs to be set up and possibly more advertising on say a Billboard, there is a need for the SPCA to get noticed more. Maybe an appeal can be made to the Municipality to put in a borehole as they did for the locals at the shopping centres!. Maybe a small amount can be deducted off Pet food by the Supermarkets. Very concerned animal lover.


Con Artist Joseph Ngehama: An elderly African gentleman by the name of Joseph Ngehama. He walks around with a black backpack with printed photos of his carpentry work, his I.D., samples of materials, a letter from his church etc. He claims to be a good Christian man who can do all your custom carpentry work at a dead cheap price. Once you give him a deposit, however, he vanishes. He had us but luckily only a small sum. There are FIVE cases open against him at the moment with Ballantyne Police station. Just wanted to share so no one else goes through the loss we did. We had got full cooperation from the cops to catch him as he went to my friends house but I think he caught wind of it and he never returned. If anyone else encounters him please can they notify the police immediately so this criminal can be arrested.

Story can be verified by Ballantyne police. Officer Marovah: Cell: 0773 046 593

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