Readers’ Comments (11/10/16)

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Readers’ Comments (11/10/16)

Hi Mike This morning I received 2 reports of entire sliding gates being stolen from residential properties over the weekend. Please advise readers to fit “Queen” type paddocks to their gates as in both instances the residents had fitted the “shoulder” type which can quite easily be cut through with a pair of bolt cutters. At both these properties, the entrance gates were a considerable distance from the houses and both were hand operated.  First time I have heard about entire gates being removed!


Have heard back from the city and any queries on chickens and burning of feathers waste etc. can be referred to City Health – Mrs Tapera 04 774141-4. Have a good day  Sharon


The drains in the city centre are horrific. Some of the COH sweepers sweep the dirt into the drains as well as the vendors stuffing their garbage in and sometimes setting the drain alight.  I’ve tried to take a video of the COH sweepers in the act but have not been quick enough to get out my phone. The drains probably need some kind of a grill fitted in – to stop that abuse. Wishful thinking! Marj


With regards the newsletter sent out yesterday; In our experience- this is totally false. I would suggest that you put this out to your readers and get their feedback on what experiences they have had at the hands of the officials at OR Tambo. We travelled down to watch the rugby in Durban this last weekend and our experience was horrific- the immigration officials were rude and arrogant to say the very least. The only thing we didn’t get from them was a beating- which they looked like they were likely to hand out any second.  People were queuing for hours on end and the officials didn’t give 2 hoots! 3 or 4 officials were manning 12 booths- and manning doesn’t begin to describe what they were doing- hostile stares, talking to their colleagues while serving people and just general bad manners was the order of the day. The term civil servant is lost on them! Anon


I adore chameleons and have always stopped to help these precious little creatures across the road. I have been thinking the exact same thing, where are all the chameleons what’s happened to them Gee I sincerely hope that isn’t correct about the chap paying for them.


Mike , As a consequence of all this  mess in our rubbish disposal , with the advance of rats breeding, the snake removal guys will tell you there is now an official  one COBRA to every four houses in the city ( trying to help us eradicate the rats ) .. ABA



In response to Gary the  Saver of Chameleons – I am delighted to read that someone else shares my passion – and devastated to read that he too has noticed a marked decrease in the number to chameleons.  Last year I helped only two crossing roads.  I haven’t heard of anyone buying them – I hope this isn’t true and I hope they are not being sold as a delicacy  or to collectors.  They are delightful creatures of immeasurable use to the environment – please be aware and take care. Lynne


Just an observation I’ve made after moving back into town. One reason why there has been a decline in our chameleon population is the increase in electric fences on walls. I noticed this after I had the please of finding, “incubating” and watch 20 little chameleons hatch at our home in Chisi. To my horror over the next months I witness many chameleons getting electrocuted on the neighbours electric fence. As with most wild life WE are normally the cause of their demise. Have you ever hear a story where would be thieves were stopped by one of these useless, expensive, annoying contraptions. All they manage to stop DEAD are chameleons and give the occupants a false sense of security. Fence hatter


We have been in THAT queue twice in the past two months and saw no ‘biometric’ data being ‘captured’.  All we saw was incompetence, arrogance and a total disregard for the people who are coming to spend their hard earned money in South Africa.  Even if they were indeed doing biometric capturing, surely they should have more manpower available at busy times?  But no. In our queue, three people manned 12 immigration cubicles, and then one official decided to take a tea break, so it was down to two.  The immigration hall was packed, with yet more planes arriving, but no effort was being made to get more officials to process all these people.

Some people were there on a day trip for meetings, others had doctor’s appointments, but who can we complain to? And the excuse will be ‘biometric capturing’!  What total rubbish!

I think that South Africa needs to review their ‘biometric capturing’ excuse!  It is just ridiculous to make people wait two and half to three hours in a queue!  Might as well be at Beit Bridge! NP

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