Readers Comments 13/11/2016

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Readers Comments 13/11/2016

Hyenas: Absolutely shocking. Maybe the culprits should be made to live in those same crates and treated in the same manner they have treated these dear animals. Makes one wonder why so many of our wildlife is being sent to that part of the world, where they are probably only wanted for breeding purposes so parts of their bodies can be made into “sexual” medicine. When will it end.


Hi Mike, we Had two cases, 20kms apart, of fake $100.00 bills being given to our forecourt attendants yesterday. The normal looooong stories and only wanting $5.00 worth of fuel and then taking $20.00 worth as short of change and possibly changing notes. The one swindler was definitely in a yellow Honda Fit. The police have been notified at both stations. PLEASE LET ALL STAFF KNOW AND BE AWARE. Jim.


Educating the nation is number 1 priority in my opinion.. newspapers need to run free ads, supermarkets stop packets & run ad campaigns, recycle bins everywhere, school projects in every class in every school.. We have to get the general public to understand this, it’s no good a few of us doing our bit, everyone who is in contact with the public needs to do a lot.. and don’t sugar coat the reality, these toxins cause cancer & are killing our world!


HARARE SPCA. …Sadly, COMPASSION is not part of the Culture in any Third World Country.,Little- if any- time or thought goes into caring about, & conserving nature’s flora & fauna. Local interest in the SPCA is only there in terms of what Locals can get for nothing; their lives are guided by “Taking”, & “Giving” anything (for free) is an alien concept. The latter is considered the obligation of Foreigners whose numbers are decreasing every year. NK


Just to say going through the Chisipite Round About this morning was absolute chaos – with the ‘Art on the Roundabout’ thing going on – all very well trying to organise these things but there was mayhem in every direction, traffic backed up and some of the people involved trying to cross onto the roundabout . . . in the midst of 3-5 cars pushing in and merging round the roundabout, the Police-people on site (for whatever reason) stood by and watched the blatant flouting of normal traffic rules. Apologies if it was a good cause as can’t find the original notification – but did not expect that chaos or would’ve gone alternative route – know better now for next time. #irritatedonaFridayMorning #GreatStartToTheWeekend.


How about starting a forum (or an Ndeipi article) on water saving tips? To get the ball rolling….

Toilets: Fill a narrow 2 litre (Kefalos) milk bottle with water. Slide it into a suitable space at the edge of the toilet cistern and voila – you’re saving 2 litres on every flush. On a household of 5 people, the maths is

5 pax x 2 litres x 4 flushes x 365 days = 14,500 litres of water saved in a year, not to mention $140 in bowser deliveries. If 1,000 households were to do this it would save 14.5 million litres a year.

Showers: switch to LV (low volume) or ULV (Ultra Low Volume) shower heads and save 10-15 litres per shower . 10 litre saving on 5 people . 5 pax x 10 litres saved x 365 = 18,000 litres water saved/year, and $180 in bowser deliveries. If 1,000 households took part – 18 million litres saved. I’m sure there are people out there with other handy tips for how to use grey water, how to shape gardens to trap rainwater, etc …. Which are the most water efficient dishwashers and washing machines for those looking to buy new, etc


Please could you start a readers comments to draw attention to the irresponsible residents who despite seeing their neighbors waterless and every second persons borehole drying up, insist on keeping their kerbs and in a lot of instances the hot tar watered..

The honourable minister of environment is pushing to declare a national water crisis and disaster especially with the supposed early rainfall season now be very worryingly late, yet these selfish people carry on watering without a worry.

I feel sick when I drive along the road and see huge sprayers outside in the midday heat watering half kerb/half tar.

This needs to be banned immediately with hefty fines to offenders as the water table continues to drop lower and lower and with no hope of a municipal water miracle how will we survive next year when the water deliveries cannot be met as more and more boreholes dry up.

I cannot believe no one is panicking and planning for next year and trying to conserve water at all costs.

With most of the dams dry or almost dry or heavily silted can anyone consider the absolute disaster if the rains are not as good as predicted..

So far the weather prediction has been a joke to say the least looking at the so called early rains which are now fast turning to late rains with no hope of decent rain in the coming few weeks.

Come on Zimbabwe wake up and smell the dust! Regards, C..


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