Readers Comments 18/11/16

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Readers Comments 18/11/16

I had a MOST pleasant experience at the Marondera ID office this week. Staff were friendly and the whole process to get my 16-year old her ID took 50 minutes from start to finish. Alongside her original birth certificate, we were required to produce my ID and her passport.

It was so quick we even had time to enjoy an excellent coffee in the new “Coffee Academy” afterwards. Turn off the main Marondera road at the PetroTrade garage, cross the railway and 200m down the road turn left at the grey Durawall marked “Coffee” and immediately left into the parking space. Lovely artisanal coffee-centric décor, old msasas in a serene garden and a great jungle gym/giant sandpit for the kids. Open Mon to Fri 7:30am – 4pm. Sat 7:30 – 12noon. Great stop on your way to/from the Eastern Highlands.


Recent comment on someone’s trip to Uganda and how clean the city is. I echo this as Dar Es Salaam is also looking a lot tidier in comparison to Harare. It’s distressing to see that our beautiful ‘sunshine city’ is rapidly starting to look like a slum in many areas. There must be some way to enstil pride into all Hararians. City council should erect billboards, have adverts in all newspapers and on radio stations, insisting that people should think before throwing garbage out of their vehicle windows??


Channel 406 – Al Jazeera Investigates has done an excellent 45 minute documentary expose into rhino and elephant poaching syndicates operating in Africa. They will do a repeat programme during the week (not sure how to find exact time and date), but here is the YouTube link. Sat 19th Nov 10pm


If I may comment on the “verge” issue – from talking to gardeners and householders along our road in Emerald Hill, it is apparent that the whole concept of a “water table” which services all boreholes is difficult for them to comprehend. I don’t have a borehole, but tried to explain this to my own gardener, even drawing a diagram, and he was completely baffled. They think that “their” borehole is a stand-alone and has no relation to others, so can’t see what everyone is fussing about ! I agree that fliers are a good idea, but they also need some explanation of the system underground !


I have two issues to seek advice on:

1. We were affected last week with terrible clouds of smoke blowing past our property for a number of days and had to go stay elsewhere with our baby. Please can I find out how this smoke pollution will have affected our veggie garden. Will our veggies be safe to eat – or totally toxic and need to be thrown away? (Eg. Lettuce, beetroot, beans etc.)

2. We have a very shady garden and notice in the early evening that we literally have hundreds of those giant white “banana” slugs suddenly appearing all over the lawn from the undergrowth. (You do not see them during the day). I have heard that these are not a local species, but from Nigeria? It is not obvious that they are doing any harm to my garden, but would be good to know if we should leave them be, or if they are harmful invaders? Many thanks Sharyn


In Perth Australia, the Traffic Islands have been filled with concrete. No maintenance and no watering !! Could the City of Harare not think “ Outside of the Box”


I’m no fisherman, but it has been suggested to me by others that the increasing populations of Australian Redclaw (Yabbies) could be a contributing factor. Like all crayfish they are scavengers and eat fish eggs and fingerlings of our indigenous fish. I don’t know if it’s even possible to eliminate the redclaw now that they are so widely distributed in our water systems.


Shiloh, whilst I cannot b there tonight. A issue that needs to be raised, major concern I feel strongly about, aside from rampant illegal netting in the primary spawning areas – river mouths, is the crustacean problem, freshwater critter that has invaded her waters! These will possibly consume eggs of many species of fish in kariba ? Is it a possibility, I’m unsure, however, there’s a huge problem with tiger catches being so low.

Illegal dumping of rubbish…. We who live at the far end of Crowhill Road are experiencing a terrific amount of rubbish being dumped in our hedgerow on a daily basis. We have been picking it up each morning but the other day my gardener complained that he was having to pick up unwrapped used disposable nappies!!! On top of this some people have forged a great gap in our bush/hedgerow and dumped masses of bottles and tins and other rubbish. What seems unfair is that those neighbours on Crowhill who have neatly mowed and watered lawns on their roadfronts have been spared this rubbish-dumping. Because we and the likes of the old Brooke nursery next door have a rather wild road-frontage we are being targeted for rubbish-dumping. I have reported this to the Council but it is hard to imagine what they can do about it unless the roadside is policed at night. I understand from the Round House people that the fine is $300 for illegal refuse-dumping but of course the culprits need to be caught red-handed first! Roseanne

I agree with C re starting a campaign to ban plastic as they have done in Uganda. There is a petition going around to request a ban of plastic in South Africa – need to do that here and make a start. Lynne

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