Readers’ Comments (3/11/16)

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Readers’ Comments (3/11/16)

As the manager of Wingate Golf Club, and as we bear the brunt of the problems caused by the inefficiency of those responsible for the correct management of the dump!!! (not landfill) , we have recently had communication with Mr Chandisaeta who is apparently in charge and queried why residents who take time to bring their household refuse to the dump during the week are required to pay. They are paying for refuse collection through their rates AND relieving collections pressure – maybe we would not get so many bags of rubbish dumped on the roadside along the golf course if it was free. A huge thank you to Sharon Hook, her colleagues and all who come out to help with the clean up for at least making an effort to make the area more presentable albeit maybe for a short duration. Di Fynn.


SPEED CAMERAS: my understanding is that a) there should be an inspection certificate with the camera, indicating when it was last synchronized and b) the camera should be the type that takes a picture of your vehicle clearly showing your number plate, the date, the time and the speed. If any of that is missing then they cannot fine you, simply because they cannot prove that that was you doing the recorded speed. (I got away with that in Botswana once, but I have not been stopped for speeding here in Zim). Finn


Recently I had to do 3 loads to Pomona tip. The flies are excessive and invade your car in no time not to mention your vehicle being mobbed on arrival. If everything is not removed at the entrance you then have to drive to said spot over glass and other dangerous objects. The fun doesn’t end until you have successfully reversed all the way back to the entrance.


Pomona dump. I have just driven past it (10 in morning) and the clean up exercise is indeed a commendable effort by those involved, but what a pity it is such a waste of effort for so little reward. In spite of comments by City officials about the dump being covered, it is not and even as I drove past the wind was carrying paper and plastic and depositing it on the roadside and nearby fields. It is up to the City officials to do what they are paid to do; only that way will the problem be permanently eradicated. Peter


I do not know why people still persist in burning their leaves, especially the amount of leaves this time of the year. The leaves make a beautiful compost, although slower than normal compost but we make one compost heap every year and by the time the next leaves start to fall we can use one of the previously made ones. We even add the vegetable peels or fruit that has gone off, and we water it once a month to help the decomposition. Petra


Thieves in action in Chisipite this Friday lunchtime … a fawn-coloured Toyota Corolla (unfortunately we did not get the registration, but it is probably false anyway), three people on board. One got into the house and was challenged … he was calm and claimed to be looking for the owner but then ran away to the car asking the domestic workers “why is your Dad calling me a thief” and then they sped off. We were quick so nothing was taken .. broad daylight, 2pm! Keep your eyes open, as I feel this is a vehicle photographed in someone’s yard once before when a crime took place. Stan


Oh how tragic this is – plastic and kaylite are the major cause of wildlife deaths the world over now I should think – Jenny


I am wondering if any of your readers can help me. Yesterday my pool was completely clear blue and clean. Overnight it turned absolutely black and opaque! There were loads of pods floating on the surface. We have discovered that the bird baths did the same where they had pods floating in them so we investigated and realized it is the pods off a Kenyan Coffee tree which were blown into the pool during the brief but powerful wind/rain storm yesterday afternoon. The water has gone oily and when feeling the seed pods my fingers turned oily brown (perhaps it is why it is called a coffee tree?). I know I can contact the pool people but as they usually want to sell you masses of chemicals they might not be the right people to ask!! I am not sure if chemicals can get rid of this sort of oily mess! Any ideas will be gratefully received! I am hoping not to have to empty and refill the pool in view of the water-shortage! Roseanne.


I do not think the people who put up their PLIZ HELP signs and then allegedly improve our roads should be allowed to operate. There may be an exception, but I think the roads get worse.

On East Road between Action Properties and Well Woman’s Clinic we had these operators on a regular basis until the road became so bad, that the two companies got a quote to repair the bad portion of the road for $600. Very fortunately the Council stepped in and put new tar, in the light of the ambulances that use that road. They did a good job and we were delighted. I carted away the old bricks.

I subsequently came down the road to see a PLIZ HELP sign and a fellow with a pick digging up our new tar and sweeping away the crushed tar to place his bricks. I had an altercation with him and managed to get his bag of tools which were held in custody but in the end he and his goods were released later in the day. Is there a policy which governs this behaviour? Many people, to whom I have recounted the story, are exasperated by the same situation in their own areas.

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