Readers Comments 21/11/16

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Readers Comments 21/11/16

Cross breeding of fish is evolution (adaptation to changing circumstances). We simply do not know to what extent siltation of rivers feeding Kariba, and their tributaries, has changed fish breeding habitats. One only has to go up the Sanyati Gorge, Ume River etcetera to be staggered by the amount of sand deposited in them. Though this started in the early 1960s, it has accelerated year-on-year since. Rampant ongoing deforestation, poor farming practices, unsupervised mining etc. are the primary culprits. Another interesting point is to what extent siltation has diminished the amount of water in the lake. Anybody who has flown over Kariba when the Sanyati is flooding, will know of the dark brown “river” of silt following the original river course to its junction with the Zambezi. Dave.


After years and years of scams people are still being taken in, wake up people what on earth is wrong with you. Neither should ladies be left alone in an office these days without an alarm system. Lock your gates, doors, do not leave anything of value in your car, what is wrong with everyone. When people come up begging, ignore them and do not answer, they soon get the message. The other day whilst waiting at a traffic light I noticed a so called blind beggar take out a rather expensive cell phone and actually read the message. Heartless June.


in Malawi the people apparently have to do a community service of picking up litter. So as a start our street vendors should be required to have different bags (ie bottles plastic etc) filled with their trash as part “payment” of their hire for their stands. They could have their own committees to manage that. Next COH needs to ban plastic and kaylite containers. They could use our bills to start implementing that, by informing the public that those items will be banned say in 2017. Then COH needs to introduce fines for littering. In the CBD they could use the parking attendants as policeman for those fines. I’m not so sure how they could man the taxi ranks. Buses and Combies should also somehow be held liable. Then we as residents could also be advised to start separating our trash. It’s a slow process but it can become culture once we start. Marj


We have a baby and they do go through a tonne of nappies – we have taken a page out of the New Zealanders book and they say wet nappies (not dirty ones) are great for use in the garden – open the nappy take out the silica gel and dig it into the mud – this helps retain the water under the soil as well as having mulch on top!!


Just had this very same gentleman arrive at my Arundel office half an hour go. Very well spoken and dressed in a grey pin striped suit and grey ‘Andy Cap’ cap. Asked for USD30.00 for pay a fine at a roadblock for an unserviceable fire extinguisher. Fortunately I had just been reading all the incidents and turned him down. Driving a white Kia (not sure of model) registration number ADU 5179. Driver waiting in the car. He is doing the rounds and saw him across the road 10 minutes later. Be on the lookout. Lana.

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