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Mike Garden May 14, 2018 No Comments

Working day cuts… yes one can cut the working hours but unfortunately the reality is  in service outlets eg nursing the day is 24 hours…; In retail the day is as long as your opening hours. So whilst you may not be working all that time there maybe someone needing your help. The rest of the time is spent in doing the background paper and admin work True in an office environment you can get your own work done in two thirds of the time but only if you get on with it… But there are coffee breaks and comfort breaks, lunch breaks and tea breaks, and some people are past masters at stretching these out…

And now of course we have the biggest time wasterSocial media. And here the emphasis is on social not the benefits of the apps on our smart phones which enable us to check our bank statements or make payments sitting at a cafe with a coffee. I am talking about reading Facebook, and looking at Instagram or utube to name a few.. (not to mention the numerous games.) The ones which have half the population so absorbed that they can’t even sit at said cafe table and chat with their friends or family and parents ignore their children. One can go to friends for dinner and the someone is sitting on the phone scrolling down fb…conversation at a standstill.  Wherever you go many of the people “at work” are engrossed in their phones… On social media….  Smw


Thanks for your observations: they are very valid and I subscribe fully.  Its amazing how much you get done the day before you are going away on leave, because you have to! If you curtail work hours to say 5 hours, you will do more in less time. That’s because it’s a fact that time is elastic in the sense tasks will always ‘thieve’ all the time you give them.  Being more ruthless with time management is a discipline we were taught as graduate trainees in the bank I joined, we even had to do daily ‘work measurement charts’ plotting all our activities each day (kind of self-defeating as that exercise also ‘thieved’ time!)


However…. there is a caveat – we have to recognise that ‘time management’ will be easier in a 1st world country like Aussie compared to Zim – be real about the fact we encounter less efficiency and more challenges to getting things done here, where things don’t work as well as they should. Even with the best will in the world, a 5 hour day is going to be harder to achieve here than down under. Constraints – including Govt (bureaucracy) technological, physical, supply, intellectual and cultural – will challenge us achieving 5 hour days.


Cheers CF PS By the way, having lived and worked here, SA and Uk I don’t believe relatively-speaking Zimbabweans work that hard Mike!  We have a leisure preference and ‘manyana’ mentality born of the good weather, and generally Zimbos love to sit and chat and be sociable. The ‘work hard, play hard’ philosophy tends to stress the latter, frankly.

It is worth mentioning the chaotic situation with the changes in dialing Tel One numbers. It has been initiated with insufficient publicity. If you want to phone a local land line from a land line you need to add 0242 before the number. If calling a land line from a cell you need to use 04 before the old number. The problem is that it is not being applied to all numbers and sometimes the old number works on its own as it did in the past.

Many numbers are being reported as ‘out of order’ when in fact the people calling them are unaware of the changes. Wake up Tel One! You have all our details and can easily notify all your subscribers to avoid the chaos.  David


Please warn readers about massive speed humps, unmarked, Oriel Girls School on Harare drive.


Nobody wants the old, predatory, fund-raising police road blocks back, but did you notice that deaths on the roads this last Easter were twice those of the year before? Do you think these might be inter-related? Where to draw the line?  Richard


The worst the Police could do to a commuter driver is   deprive him of his vehicle for a while, depending on the   severity of his offence and the number of times. It would  need Police (in pairs) on intersections etc. to record red- light jumpers or those turning left or right from the wrong lane, cutting in front of those legitimately there. If the driver refused to stop (likely), the time, place etc. recorded by two Policemen would suffice. One month without their vehicle for red-light or lane-jumping, or speeding would make the world of difference.


I work at the back end of Willowvale and it is a 40 km trip from home to work, taking between one, and two and a half hours each way. During that 40 kms you encounter the most appalling driving, and I count myself lucky if I don’t have a close encounter on any one trip. But, I for one, do NOT want the police back on the roads. Corruption has not changed in Zimbabwe and neither will the policing. When the police were out and about, the most blatant disregard for the rules of the road and un-roadworthy cars were all around you, but guess who the police stopped, the lady in the land cruiser. I became a nervous wreck going to and from work, expecting harassment every day. Surely those good folk who only wander around the streets of Borrowdale can manage one intersection by just exercising good driving caution.

Secondly one of the readers compared the filth on the Harare streets to Lagos. Well if I was a Nigerian I would be insulted. Having travelled regularly over the years on business to Lagos, the streets on Lagos are clean. Unlike Zimbabweans, Nigerian’s do not have a culture of littering. Furthermore, one Saturday every month, the city is shut down and the city cleaners go through the streets for a proper clean up.   Kind regards Iona


I feel I need to make a comment here.  I think most people are missing the point of Policed Road Control.  This used to be the job of the Police Traffic Department and not left to the individual substations like Borrowdale or Avondale and suchlike.  This is a specialised job which requires respect, understanding, tolerance and hard work and especially in these days of the presently uncontrollable commuter buses, restrictive and positive action.   The Police force, prior to our past 5 years of corruption, were split into their various sections and one of the most efficient was the Traffic Department who dealt only with Traffic Violations and accidents and in conjunction with the Vehicle Inspection Department, vehicle defects.  Over the last few years, this job appears to have been left to the individual police stations throughout the country where the Members in Charge may have seen an opportunity to extort money from road users and made it uncomfortable for driving on our roads.   Do you want that situation back again, I don’t think so.

BRING BACK THE TRAFFIC SECTION IN THE ZRP.  It is their job to control the flow of traffic







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